NCC - 81297

Stranger in the Night

Posted on Thu Oct 17th, 2019 @ 11:25pm by Lieutenant Cassandra Angel

Mission: Episode 1: A Traitor Among Us
Location: Typhon Expanse/Dystopia
Timeline: 2388

Cassandra fell back from Lexianna, breathing hard as her body shook with the aftershocks of orgasm. Fuck! I love you! she thought, knowing Lexi would pick up the thought. She heard Dys grunt as he finished up inside of Stacy, the other girl in the Ferengi’s large bed, and then he rolled off, turning toward Cassandra. She rolled toward the Ferengi and kissed him deeply, keeping him the center of attention in the little fourway.

“Good job, girls,” Dys sniggered. “Enthusiastic as ever!”

Lexi smiled and kissed along Dys’ lobes. “Only for you, Daimon,” she purred.

Dys shuddered. “Water,” he said.

Stacy handed him a glass. He gulped it down and then fell back. He pulled Stacy, Lexi, and Cassandra to him and soon he was snoring away.

Cassandra gazed into Lexi’s eyes in the darkness, smiling softly and caressing the face of her love. She was exhausted, too. Dys had a lot of stamina, and he’d taken one of his little blue pills, so he had run the three of them ragged. Already she could hear Stacy’s breathing grow slow and steady.

“I love you too,” Cass saw Lexi mouth.

They rested their heads on the pillow, and Cassandra felt sleep pulling at her. Her blue eyes fluttered closed.


Cassandra blinked, suddenly awake from the tone in Lexi’s mind voice. What?

I think there’s someone in here!

Cassandra was quiet. She Listened, as her race was so adept at. She closed off the rest of the world, her senses, her mind, focusing on the ambient noises in her surroundings, catching each sound, evaluating, assessing its threat or ignoring it. She blocked out Dys’ snoring and Stacy’s breathing. Lexi’s quickened breath wasn’t a threat. There was the air handling system. The rasp of a foot on carpet.

There! Somehow someone had gotten into the most inner sanctum of the facility. It sounded near the air vent. Yes, the sound of the air passing was subtly different, like something blocking it, the flow of the air. It wasn’t exactly echolocation, but El-Aurians had a keen impression of time to go with their incredible listening abilities.

Don’t move. Stay quiet, Cassandra warned Lexianna. She heard the footsteps move quietly closer to the bed. She heard the breathing. Male. Human. His hand reached for Daimon Dys.

Cassandra moved like a viper. Her hand snatched out, catching the man’s hand. Her bare feet scissored around, catching him a hard kick in the stomach, driving the stranger back. Then she was on her feet, falling into a fighting stance, heedless of her nakedness.

The man struck back. She blocked, playing defense until she could determine his skill. He punched again. Trained, she noted, blocking. Another punch. Trained, but not often used, she added another piece of information as she counter punched. He blocked. But better than I thought.

Her next punch was blocked, as well, and she felt skin rasp against skin. Then she felt an explosion of pain behind her eyes.

“Cass!” Lexi cried out. “He’s a ‘path!”

“No shit, Lex,” Cassandra muttered through the migraine that was beginning to form. “Get Dys to safety!”

“Kill him!” Dys was already yelling. Stacy was screaming.

“Don’t kill him! We want to question him!” Lexi yelled. “Lights!”

“No--” Cassandra tried to counter, but the lights came up brightly. Both she and her opponent were blinded. He took advantage, racing for the door.

“No you don’t!” Cass dove at him, catching an ankle with her hand, sending the assailant sprawling. This left her in reach of her shoes, which she grabbed as they both sprang up, still blinking spots from their eyes. He punched her again, leaving her reeling with another explosion in her brain. She kept herself calm and rational, despite the pain. Interesting. That came with the punch. Touch telepath then?

Cassandra used the stiletto heels in her hand, catching the man’s wrist, redirecting his next blow. She went on the defensive again, keeping him from touching her as she tried to sort her brain out from the pain. When she had worked through it, she went on the offensive herself, striking with the heels, kicking out at him. She was slowly beating him.

Cassandra depressed the controls in the shoes. Six inch blades popped out of the six inch heels. She slammed one into his thigh, satisfied to hear him cry out in pain. She slashed with another across his cheek. Her vision was clearing up. Finally she rammed the other into the shoulder of his dominant fighting arm before bringing her knee up into his groin.

The man gargled and sank to his knees, bleeding from his thigh and shoulder. Cassandra’s naked breasts heaved as she panted, her adrenaline running.

“Now who are you?” she asked, jerking back on the man’s hair. She blinked. “Elmer?”

“Hey, beautiful,” Elmer Elm managed to strangle out as he clutched at his bruised genitals. “Looking good.” He ran his blue eyes over her naked body.

Cassandra rolled her eyes and punched him, knocking him out.


Cassandra Angel


Daimon Dys
Ferengi arms dealer

One of Dys’ girls

Elmer Elm