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Fallen Angel (Part 1)

Posted on Wed Sep 25th, 2019 @ 3:42am by Lieutenant Cassandra Angel

Mission: Episode 1: A Traitor Among Us
Location: Typhon Expanse
Timeline: 2388

“Runabout Latinum Express to Dystopia,” Cassandra said, brushing back her blonde hair from her blue eyes. She shook her head. Even after all these years, she couldn’t get over the dissonance of the name of Daemon Dys’ base of operations. “Requesting permission to land.”

“Acknowledged, Latinum Express,” came the reply. “Stand by for landing tractor.”

Cassandra gazed out the view screen at the small planetoid outside. It hung in the light green and blue gasses of the nebula that interfered with sensors, making it difficult to find unless one knew where they were going. A rocky cliff was beginning to slide open, revealing the interior of a hanger bay, the base concealed inside the mountain.

There was a slight bump as the tractor beam grabbed the runabout, and Cassandra leaned back in the pilot seat. She stood up, her long, lean legs descending from a very short black skirt topped by a very low cut white blouse. She pulled on a short jacket over the blouse, though open. Daemon Dys liked his employees to present a certain image, and when it came to females, that meant a lot of flesh showing. After all, for a Ferengi, females shouldn’t wear clothes, despite the reforms made by Grand Nagus Rom since his ascension. After over twenty years working for the Ferengi, Cass had grown accustomed to it. She slipped her feet back into her six inch heels.

Cass headed back through the central corridor past the crew bunks to the rear module. A runabout could be converted easily depending on what module was attached, usually a cargo module in the case of Dys’ fleet. But since this was the Ferengi’s personal yacht, the cargo module had been converted into a luxurious living space. Deep red shag carpeting covered the floor, and the walls were decorated with dark wood. A large bed dominated the space, covered in gold sheets. To the right of the entrance was a sitting area, and to the left a work desk with a computer. A beautiful, dark-haired Betazoid woman sat behind the desk typing as a Ferengi lounging in the bed dictated a memo.

“We are being tractored into Dystopia now, Dys,” Cassandra told the Ferengi.

“Ah! It will be good to finally be home!” the Ferengi said. He threw back the sheets, revealing a very naked body with a very different physique from what one typically thought of as Ferengi. At six feet, Cassandra towered a foot over the Ferengi. But he had broad shoulders moving with muscles. His pecs rippled as he stretched his arms, and an eight pack ran in washboard ridges down his toned stomach to his well-endowed male anatomy. This wasn’t a sight Cassandra was unused to seeing. Dys took pride in his body, and flaunted it whenever he could. “It will be good to have a real gym again, and sleep in my own bed.” He gave a leer at Cassandra and the Betazoid woman at the desk, who had paused in her work since he had stopped dictating the memo. “Lexianna!” he snapped.

The Betazoid woman rose from the desk. Taller than average, Lexianna was still a few inches shorter than Cassandra. She retrieved a Tholian silk robe from a closet and draped it over Dys’ shoulders. “I think the red suit today,” Dys said.

“Good choice,” Lexianna said in her beautiful alto.

Knowing her place, Cassandra moved to help, and by the time they felt the light bump of the runabout being set on the landing platform, they had the Ferengi dressed to the nines in a Tholian silk suit of deep, garish red. The Ferengi did like their colors.

Cassandra returned to the cockpit to perform the quick power down sequence and then lowered the hatch. She grabbed her go bag from her bunk and rejoined Lexianna and Dys to exit into the hanger of Dystopia. Flight crew boarded after them to retrieve Dys’ luggage and park the runabout out of the way.

Lexianna and Cassandra’s heels clicked on the hanger floor as they followed behind Dys and into the compound operations center. It bustled with people, mostly Ferengi, but some Orions and Naussicaans, as well as a few Humans and Klingons, monitoring the nebula around the planetoid base. Sensors were limited, but there were several sentry buoys littered throughout the nebula to extend the range and trigger an alert whenever a ship passed through the area. If necessary, fast Orion and Naussicaan raiders could be scrambled from the hanger to investigate, but usually they laid low on minimal power and trusted the nebula gasses to keep them hidden.

Besides the door to the hanger they had come through, there were three more doors off of the command center. One went to the warehouse where crates of weapons and ammunition awaited loading and transport to waiting customers. Dys dealt in a few other illicit goods when the opportunity arose -- what good Ferengi wouldn’t -- but the bulk of his operation was the illegal weapons trade.

The second door led to the physical plant, all the necessary machinery to power the base and maintain its environment and weapon systems. It also contained a shield system that kept out transporter signals and scans.

The final door led to the living quarters. Lexi accepted a padd as they passed the ops center and went through the doors. She handed the padd to Dys, who perused it quickly. Cassandra knew it was likely the report logs of Dystopia during the time they were gone on business. As Dys’ personal pilot, Cassandra’s work was done, so she made to go through the servant door back to her room.

“Hold it, Cassie,” Dys said.

Cassandra sighed. She hated that nickname, but she put up with it. she put up with a lot. “Yes, Daemon?”

“Both of you get changed. Lexi, we need to finish that missive to Enrily Graeca and Torm. We need to figure out how to divide up Moia Ilmater’s territory, or there’s going to be war. The talks went well, but we need to get things down on padd.”

“Yes, Daemon,” Lexianna said.

“Cassie, I want you in my rooms tonight.”

Cassandra kept her face neutral. “Yes, Daemon,” she said.

Dys grinned lasciviously. “Excellent. Lexi, tell the kitchen I want sea slugs in molé slime. And they damn well better be fresh this time, or someone’s gonna hang on the heavy bag!” he yelled.

“Yes, Daemon,” Lexianna said, making a notation.

“And get me a Slug-o-Cola and Jack. I’ll be in my office and we can get to work.”

Cassandra had to admire Dys’ work ethic. He loved his luxuries, but he knew one didn’t live the life he loved if he didn’t keep on top of things.


Cassandra Angel

Daemon Dys
Ferengi arms merchant

Lexianna Acadia
Major domo


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