NCC - 81297


USS Artemis    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Bridge   The Main Bridge of the USS Artemis. It is designed specifically for this ship's purpose.
Observation Lounge   The Observation Lounge, which is used for conferences and briefings. It has plenty of seats for the Senior Staff and a few guests.
Captain's Ready Room   The Captain's Ready Room. Nice and spacious for ease of access and a place to get away from it all.
XO's Office   The XO's Office, not as spacious as the CO's Ready Room, but it works. It is a place for him/her to go when they need to have some time to get paperwork done.
Captain's Quarters   The home of the CO and his family.
XO's Quarters   The XO's Quarters, it is identical to the CO's quarters, just without the added on rooms for the children. It is also quite spacious.
Main Sickaby