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Episode 0: Coming Aboard

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The Crew of the USS Artemis come aboard and start to get ready for departure.

Part of Season 1

Episode 1: So we meet

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The USS Artemis just left Spacedock. Shortly after they leave, Commander Sengar receives their first mission. The mission is a search and retrieve. They are to meet their contact on his ship, the Rebellious.

The crew is being sent after a rogue Romulan that has been attacking and stealing cargo from Federation cargo vessels and recently tried to do the same to the USS Seattle, a Nebula Class Explorer. He failed and fled the scene as soon as he learned that he was out gunned. He and his crew have been wanted for some time, but this attack on the Federation Explorer has changed everything. It’s up to the crew of the USS Artemis to bring him to justice.

NOTE: We will not be capturing Kalmtek this mission. He is going to be becoming the Season 1 protagonist.

Part of Season 1

Episode 2: Mysteries of the Deep

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While the USS Artemis is getting resupplied and repaired, the Artemis welcomes aboard some new faces. Some of them will get along and some won’t. Meanwhile Starbase 642 get’s a distress call from a new subspace relay from a deserted planet. Rear Admiral Tireem Joram send the Artemis to investigate. She is the fastest and closest ship to the planet. The crew is relaxed and ready to go. What will happen with the new crew aboard and what they will find.

Part of Season 1

Mission 3: The Toys and the Toy Master

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Starfleet suddenly receives a communication from the Tal Shiar saying that they what the Federation to stay out of this. When Starfleet refuses, due to Kalmtek attack and stealing Federation Technology the Tal Shiar agrees to a meeting. Starfleet sends the USS Artemis as their Representative, sense they know the most about Kalmtek.

Meanwhile onboard the USS Artemis, a random virus breaks lose and several crewmembers get severely sick. It is up to the crew of the Artemis to save them before it is too late.

Part of Season 1

Season Finale: The Final Countdown

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The crew of the Artemis has located Kalmtek. After a quick scan from Starbase 642 to make sure the virus is eradicated, they pick up new crew before heading out.

Part of Season 1