NCC - 81297

Ensign Mirdalan Keen

Name Mirdalan Amara Keen

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Humanoid (Isisean)
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 4'11"
Weight 98
Hair Color red (often dyed other colors)
Eye Color dual colored
Physical Description At under five feet tall Mirdalan's red hair is usually the first thing folks notice about her. Her eyes are two different colors, her right is light copper-brown and her left is silver-gray hue. When the mission requires it she can wear colored lenses to change the color and hue of her eyes. Though she doesn't like having to do so as her eyes get irritated after a few hours. Mirdalan has a few scars from misadventures and sports that did not go in her favor, one scar runs the length of her left calf where a friend's ice skate caught her when they were speed skating against one another. The others are small and are of little bother to her. She has one tattoo that her uniform covers. When not on duty she can be found wearing a variety of casual wear.

**Not known to all yet**
In her feline form Mirdalan looks like a large ginger furred turkish angora with golden yellow right eye and silvery grey left eye.**


Spouse none at present
Children none at present
Father Samson Keen
Mother Aerianna Smart
Brother(s) Rylay Keen 24 elder twin by 9 minutes.
Walon Smart 38 took mother's last name upon reaching adulthood.
Sister(s) Sarai Loss-Smart 35 wife to Walon
Other Family Various, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and extended family. Most of whom she knows by name if not reputation.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mirdalan is curious playful and a prankster when not working. She takes great pride in her work, be it going under cover to gather Information, or planting explosives in enemy territory, to bringing back POW or other folks of interest. She loves surprising folks and catching them off guard whether by appearing out of corners or by saying something unexpected. she is very loyal to those whom she trusts. Her temper when incurred is quite an experience in itself. though unless you've broken her trust completely she will forgive and forget but if her trust is broken however she will never willingly work with the person again and if forced to do so will be quite vocal about her displeasure. she does not often hold a person of rank in high regard, often speaking before thinking through. has a soft spot about kids and some animals, cats ferrets foxes she tends to spoil when encountered. While birds she finds distracting, some dogs she likes while others she will avoid like a plague. spiders she fears but does like to admit aloud.
Strengths & Weaknesses strong night vision
-sensitive to bright lights
above average sense of smell
-some pollen related allergies
+/-Very limited telepathy, meaning she needs to either be within her visual range of the person to either send or hear thoughts. Or have a strong emotional bond to the person she is sending or receiving thoughts from. She is far from an expert and usually only gets random 'loud' thoughts. She can usually send a thought to anyone unless they have trained to ignore other telepaths or they just don't hear her. Using her limited telepathy for extended periods of time causes her migraines that can put her off her feet for days or longer if not properly tended too.
+/-slightly small heart than compared to most humans
+/-slightly larger lungs than compared to humans
-is afraid of spiders and anything that is close to arachnid in shape or form
+/-adores chocolate
+/-really adores cheesecake
peppermint, french mint and specially andorian chocolate.
prefers dr pepper or barqs root beer only drinks liquor when the occasion calls for it is a light weight and gets tipsy quickly.
Hobbies & Interests She loves all sports but is a master of none, she just has fun. her other pastimes including, going over explosives devices for practice, testing herself through various courses, mazes and adores games or puzzles. holodeck adventures and gymnastics.(secret hobby crochet but she is not very good and does not share the results of her work very often)

Personal History Mirdalan Keen grew up on her father's freighter dubbed the Isis along
with her older brothers Rylay and Walon, their parents never married
as Aerianna showed no interest in raising her children, though she
visited often dropping off gifts and telling stories of her adventures
before heading back out again.

Mirdalan was born at only six months of gestation April 1 2369 instead
of the more usual eight to nine months. Her petite stature is a direct
result of that fact. Other than that and sensitive sinus to pollen
which runs in the family she is perfectly healthy. Both of her parents
have dual colored eyes (heterochromia iridium), Her father's are light
green and gray. Her mother's are brown and cerulean blue. Her brothers
ended up having the more normal same hue of cerulean blue eyes. Both
parents are ginger haired, and all the kids have varying shades of red
hair. **Not known to all yet - The family feline form appears to be
likened to the terran cat Turkish Angora. **

Growing up on the supply freighter Mirdalan enjoyed when the freighter
stopped at star bases dropping off supplies and taking on new freight.
She spent most of her time listening to stories from the starfleet
officers they encountered, When she was twelve years old the freighter
ended up in helping some stranded starfleet officers to get back to
base. It was shortly after that event, she told her family she wanted
to join starfleet herself and started bombarding the academy with
entrance letters, with attachments of her grades which were quite
good. The academy refused her until she sent a last letter, just after
her fifteenth birthday with her scores from general schooling, which
she'd completed four months earlier. Either her persistence or her
grades finally got her in.

Mirdalan was a good student in class, after class hours well not so
great. Soon as her studies were complete she was most often pulling
off a prank on one classmate or another, at first she was careful to
not get caught but after a few months she did get caught grinning the
whole time, it was clear she was baiting the folks she'd been pranking
to try and get her back. She was given warnings to not continue and
focus on her studies, one of the professors suggested having her join
the sporting teams to keep "out of mischief".
She reluctantly agreed to try out, she tried for gymnastics, swimming
and skating. While she enjoyed the sports and events it wasn't enough
for her, to keep out of trouble, she'd pulled pranks on three junior
cadets, her defense was "they were bullying someone they shouldn't
have, no it was not me."

Another professor suggested more challenging studies and courses, she
seemed to quite enjoy the new routine especially during her
intelligence infiltration classes. Once her niche had been found her
professors eagerly added to the subject. When she graduated from the
academy Mirdalan had proven she could and would be a good officer most
of the time, 89% of the time to be exact. Her pride in her work was
very high but her want for pranks and telling folks off if she felt
something needed to be said, she feared no one for their rank. All in
all she had a lot to learn yet but if a Captain was willing to give
her a chance it was their choice.

Mirdalan's first assignment was to the USS Bourne, as infiltration
officer, she was there for four months before being sent to Starbase
328, as infiltration officer and support investigation officer. after
eight months she was transferred to the USS Odin, infiltration officer
she spent two months on assignment and three weeks in the brig for
refusing to follow orders and for telling a First officer to 'piss

Most of her career made of such bouncing around, with notes of
excellent work in her field but her disregard for rank and orders at
times keeping her from reaching a rank higher than Ltj.g. After a
recent demotion back to Ensign, Mirdalan Amara Keen is sitting in the
brig of the USS Richter, which is currently orbiting Trade Station
471. Her charges are refusing to follow orders and returning to area
to retrieve team members that had been labeled as MIA, it took her two
weeks, causing her status as AWOL. She brought back all members though
one was a KIA. Mirdalan refused to apologize for her actions and is
sitting in the brig until the Captain and rest of the command staff
decide what to do with her.

*** Notes on race***
this character is based on a reverse of the isis character from the original series episode assignment earth whom spent most of the episode as a cat there are a few seconds where she is human looking. i read as much as possible from the script and other information found online. i think i expanded the information well but i am always willing to make adjustments.

Race Isieman original race designated Omegan.

Unlike Earth Humanoids, Isieman are able to manipulate their cell structure so that they can take on feline appearance. This process of cellular metamorphosis is taught to the young at an early age as early as four months old while most species are crawling, and almost all master it before reaching their teens. Isieman who do not train as children are less likely to develop their
abilities later due to physiological changes between children and adults. It is not clear how Isieman or
Omegan came to have this ability as much of their history was lost when the Isieman splintered off from the
Omegans. It is believed that long ago both races originated from a felidae ancestory and later evolved
humanoid features. Socially conjecture has resulted in this being a hot topic with many debating which is
their natural form, Cat or Humanoid. However the majority of the population commonly adopt a humanoid form during their daily lives, possibly to better enable interacting with other humanoids. The ability to change comes at an early age usually as early as four months old and as late as five years old. requires training and mental discipline to begin during early years and usually completed before the entrance of adolescence. Those who do not train as children are less likely to succeed in developing the ability later in life.

Originally Omegan but split off from the main group as they did not agree with the main group's goals, that being the defeat of Earth and removal of Starfleet and the Federation.

Theses ex-Omegans traveled far and wide dropping off in small groups on various human settlements before finding a new home deep in the far reaches of the Beta quadrant. They started calling themselves Isiseman, and left it at that. These people are in general of medium build and are varying in skin tone and color as any regular human. Their eyes are sometimes dual colored (heterochromia iridium) though more often than not they have eyes the same color like most humans. Usually only Isieman with parents having heterochromia iridium will get it as well but it usually skips generations. What makes these folks different from humans is very slight differences, very slightly smaller hearts, larger lung capacity. Telepathic neural pathways in their brains. They are naturally telepathic with each other and can hear thoughts of others with in these restrictions. Either within visual sight of the person whose thoughts they are meant to hear, have a connection of emotional sort from concern to love even hate if the person is considered an enemy. Otherwise they would not hear the thoughts unless there was extreme volume in the thought. Most are bright light sensitive. Their hearing is almost as good as a Vulcans. Their sense of smell is very strong and often leading to allergic responses to various pollens pollution and the like.

In general most Isiseman are playful curious folks that want to enjoy life, living. Intelligent and often capable of interesting creations but they don't often keep with their inventions. Some having tired of the rather tame existence, began traveling again some choosing to smuggle aboard star ships after riding in on various freighters to starbases. Being ship's cat having adventures with being able to come and go coming and go as they please. That is what sets the Isiseman apart the most the ability to go from human to cat and back again. The risks are strong though, any injuries that are gained in one form remain when returning to the other. Loose any eye as a cat it is lost when returning to human form.

The few Isiseman that have left their homes​ over the years come back sharing tails and traveling stories. Some do not return having either died in a glorious misadventure or just choosing a new life elsewhere. The Isiseman have recently begun negotiations to join the Federation, offering their small size adventurous natures along with a generous amounts of miszinite ore among others that they'd uncovered in previous years and have too little uses for. Currently only three have officially gone through starfleet academy, the others that have joined ships five to date have remained as civilian additions; such as ship's mascot usually.
End notes***
Service Record 2384 Entered Starfleet Academy
2389 graduation Masters in Intelligence infiltration, EOD handling,
Minor in shuttle piloting.
2389 USS Bourne, as infiltration officer Ensign
2390 Starbase 328, as infiltration officer and support investigation
officer. Lt.j.g
2390 USS Odin infiltration officer Ensign
2390 Starbase 532 investigative support until infiltration was needed. Ensign
2391 USS Satire infiltration officer Ensign promotion to Lt.j.g just
before transfer.
2392 USS Mason infiltration and investigation support. Lt.j.g.
2393 USS Richter, Infiltration officer transfer pending Lt.j.g. to
Ensign for going AWOL.

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Security Code KM Gamma 6903
Clearance Level 3

USS Artemis Logistics

Office Location Deck 12
Living Quarters Deck 11
MVAM Section Gamma