NCC - 81297

Field Agent Nicola 'Nic' Cailan-Matthieu

Name Nicola 'Nic' Crysta Cailan-Matthieu MACJ

Position Head Agent

Rank Field Agent


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Altrusian
Age 418
Date of Birth October 22nd, 1975 (Approximately)
Place of Birth Central City, Altrusia

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4" (1.63m)
Weight 120 Lbs (54 Kg)
Hair Color Variable color and length (Nanites), Red most days
Eye Color Blue / Vivid Luminescant Amethyst Purple
Physical Description Nicola is tall and powerfully built, despite her thin appearance. Not that anyone ever sees them, but Nicola's back is heavily scarred as a result of the many conflicts she's been involved in and cases she's worked where the suspect got the upper hand (but thankfully not enough time to kill her). She's never seen without her badge, her Academy class ring and phaser pistol (See pic #2 in rotation).

While Nicola's rank of Lieutenant is temporary, she is a graduate of Starfleet Academy and a veteran of Starfleet so she is current on all Starfleet rules and regulations, what's more is she carries herself like an officer. Also, unlike other Starfleet personnel, which... of course she isn't in the strictest sense, Nicola doesn't wear the uniform. Instead, she wears a tailored three-piece suit unless required to do otherwise.

Measurements: 37-26-36 inches
Cup size: 32DD
(Note: Actresses actual measurements)


Spouse Deseased: Fleet Captain Arnold "Arnie" Matthieu (KIA 2374), CO, U.S.S. Hotspur
Children Son - 23: Ensign Arnold "Arno" Matthieu Jr., Forensic Scientist, U.S.S. Artemis
Father Doctor Duncan Cailan, MD, GS, Psy.D.
Mother Vice Admiral Alisha Cailan, CO U.S.S. Rhodes
Brother(s) Brother-in-Law: Doctor Peter Marshall, MD
Sister(s) Twin: Doctor Cordelia Cailan-Marshall, MD, GS
Other Family Team, Crewmates

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nicola is a fun woman, but she's also serious. They key difference between the two, and the balancing feature, is that she knows when to be fun and when to be serious. She can have fun on the job, but when it's time to get serious she is. She's also a very attractive woman and will fully make use of her attractiveness in order to get the job done. If putting a suspect on edge by flirting or undoing an extra button or two she will.
Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Altrusian biological immortality (Barring accident, illness or foul play she will never die of age. Aging process halted)
  • Dedicated
  • Experienced
  • Intelligent (130 IQ with an Eidetic memory)
  • Personal traits: Funny, kind, loyal, passionate, loving, sexy


  • Naturally low immune system (All beings of Altrusian descent, to about 1/8, have a naturally low immune system
  • Stubborn
  • Somewhat unskilled with science (Has a knowledge of, but not advanced)
  • Moderate to Severe PTSD (Her husband was her CO and was killed in 2374 by the Dominion, as XO she took command. Retired less than 2 years later) (Her Eidetic memory allows her, and forces her, to perfectly relive her husband's death repeatedly)
  • Suffers from Insomnia and Nightmares
  • Addiction to Coffee and Stims

  • Service Record
  • 2344: Applies and Accepted to Starfleet Academy, Security Path
  • 2344-2350: Starfleet Academy + Accelerated Masters Program
  • 2350: Graduated Starfleet Academy, with a Masters in the Arts of Criminal Justice (MACJ) and Commissioned at O-1 Ensign and assigned to U.S.S. Tampa as a Security Officer
  • 2353: Promoted to O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade, assigned to U.S.S. Makin as Assistant Chief of Security
  • 2358: Promoted to O-3 Lieutenant, transferred to U.S.S. Hotspur as Assistant Chief of Security
  • 2364: Promoted to O-4 Lieutenant Commander
  • 2367: Receives Command training, named Second Officer, U.S.S. Hotspur
  • 2370: Promoted to O-5 Commander, named Executive Officer, U.S.S. Hotspur
  • 2374: Assumes command of U.S.S. Hotspur after CO's death
  • 2375: Assigned Permanent Command of U.S.S. Hotspur, issued Provisional Promotion to O-6 Captain
  • 2378: Resigns Commission with Starfleet
  • 2380: Joins Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service, Agent-in-Training
  • 2381: Probationary Agent with SCIS, Assigned to Washington Navy Yard
  • 2382: Promoted to Junior Field Agent
  • 2387: Promoted to Field Agent, assigned to U.S.S. Walther as SCIS Special Agent Afloat
  • 2393:Transferred to U.S.S. Artemis as Senior Special Agent Afloat

  • USS Artemis ID

    USS Artemis Security Code CC Beta 7506
    Clearance Level 6

    USS Artemis Logistics

    Office Location Deck 7
    Living Quarters Deck 5
    MVAM Section Beta