NCC - 81297

Lieutenant JG Jason Spencer

Name Jason Spencer

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25
Date of Birth Nov 1, 2368
Place of Birth USS Arizona NCC - 3935B

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 190
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jason is a very athletic man with broad shoulders. His hair is a dirty blonde with Ice Blue eyes that seem to pierce though you.


Father Rear Admiral (ret) John Spencer
Mother Captain (ret) Amanda Spencer, Ph.D
Other Family Uncle: Commander Jerry Spencer
Aunt: Margerie Spencer, Ph.D

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jason is a very dedicated officer with a strong sense of loyalty to his ship and his crew. Jason works very hard to ensure that the ship is in perfect working order because he believes that if he slacks off for even a second, it could mean that someone's life on board could be lost.
Strengths & Weaknesses Str
1. Jason is fiercely loyal and dedicated.
2. Jason is very intelligent and can think quickly when under extreme pressure.

1. Jason does not know when to quit. He will work himself to death if no one stops him.
2. Jason longs for a social life but his OCD type behavior at work keep him from enjoying his friends.
Ambitions Jason is a starship designer by back ground and would love to be working at OF HQ on the newest designs for Starships and Star bases.
Hobbies & Interests Jason is an avid music lover.
Jason also enjoys Starship design and architecture.

Personal History Jason was born on the USS Arizona (NCC - 3935 B) on Nov 1, 2364. Rear Admiral John Spencer, Captain at the time of Jason’s birth, and Captain Amanda Spencer, Commander at the time of birth, had finally produced a child after years of trying. For Jason’s parents this was a dream come true because they had been told that natural conception was nearly impossible. After a very lengthy and methodical examination of Jason, he was given a clean bill of health. Jason lived on Starship to Starship for the first 9 years of his life until his father was promoted to Commodore and to the position of Vice Commandant of Starfleet Academy. Jason's mother was promoted to Captain and was named Department Head for the School of Biomedical Sciences. Jason’s parents were transferred to Earth where Jason began school at St. Mary’s Academy, a prestigious private school.

Jason always knew that he would end up in Starfleet, from the time he was a little boy he looked out into the expanse of space and dreamed. Jason dreamed of what else was out there and how could we make it to those undiscovered, uncharted parts of the universe. Jason received the letter came from Starfleet Command notifying Jason of his acceptance to the Academy a few weeks before graduation. Jason graduated top of his graduating class and was showing interest in Quantum theory and warp field design.

Jason began the Academy the following fall. While unpacking Jason found a letter in his bag, it was from his parents, Dear Jason, we are very proud of you. We know that you have grown up to be a perfect Starfleet Officer and here is a little memento to help you along the way. In the letter was Jason’s father’s Crimson Squad Award (awarded to the Student who had the best scores in command potential). Jason had always stared into the case where this award sat and wished he could touch it and now he had it in his hands. Jason kept his father’s award in a locked case above his bed the entire time at the academy.

Jason set off to follow in his father’s footsteps and began to excel in his classes as well as in his extracurricular activities. Jason wrote several papers on how starships were wasting power and how to streamline warp cores to make them smaller and to make the produce more power, more efficiently. Jason was published several times in the Starfleet Engineering Journal as well as several civilian papers. Jason graduated the Academy as Valedictorian of his class; although he did not receive the Jean-Luc Picard Award he did receive the Falcon award (Awarded to the Student with the highest engineering potential). His father had the honor of awarding his son with this award as well as being the noted speaker of the evening.

After graduating Jason was assigned to the USS Gladiator as an Engineering Officer, and the story begins….
Service Record 2385-2389 USS Gladiator Engineering Officer
2389-2393 Star base 152 Asst Chief Engineering
2393 USS Artemis Chief Engineering Officer

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Security Code SJ Beta 6805
Clearance Level 5

USS Artemis Logistics

Office Location Deck 5
Living Quarters Deck 5
MVAM Section alpha