NCC - 81297

Commander Jarex Rel, Ph.D., J.D.

Name Jarex Tevar Rel, Ph.D., J.D.

Position Central Intelligence Attaché

Second Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Joined Trill
Age 35
Date of Birth 07/23/2358
Place of Birth Trillius Prime

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85 m
Weight 83.9 kg
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Blue-Grey
Physical Description Tall and somewhat broad of shoulder, Jarex is not considered a 'physical specimen' but is wiry and toned. Standard Trill spots frame a square jaw and minor clefted chin. Many say that he has an intense, even hypnotic stare/gaze; some would even call it intense. He has an almost perpetual '5 o'clock shadow' even 20 minutes after shaving. Usually has very reserved movements and body language as he is intimately aware of how much a person can give away with body language.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Daved Tevar
Mother Aleen Tevar
Brother(s) Kevid Tevar
Sister(s) Seliira Tevar Kar (Joined Trill) - Works for Trill Science Academy.
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jarex is the definition of an overachiever. He has a strong sense of morality and justice but with a very clear sense of how much grey there is in a galaxy where people strive for black and white. Somewhat of a loner, Jarex learned at an early age that being different wasn't all it was cracked up to be. As a result he tends to be extremely reserved and extremely hesitant to speak about himself and his ability to memorize anything he reads, sees, hears and experiences. Jarex has a firm conviction in the ideals of the Federation and will do whatever it takes to safeguard the People of the Federation, his fellow members of Starfleet and his ship and crew mates. He also understands, better than most, that sometimes you have to set aside the moral issues when the life of your friends and fellow crew members are at stake. That being said, he feels strongly that the ends never justify the means unless it means that someone will die by not acting in their best interest.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Eidetic memory – Jarex has the ability to memorize anything he sees, hears or experiences, along with the emotions involved, in perfect detail. As a result he is extremely observant. He is an excellent judge of character. He has the ability to see beyond the immediately obvious and get to the heart of the matter. Has the ability to read body language and extrapolate the true feelings or intent of people with surprising accuracy. He has a strong sense of morality and holds very firmly to his ideals. Has a strong grasp of Federation and Interstellar Law. He is very protective of those he calls friends.

Weaknesses: Jarex has a tendency and is accustomed to being a loner. He is usually seen with a PADD in hand, seemingly engrossed in whatever he is reading. He is extremely reserved and reluctant to speak about his past and his abilities. Because of his eidetic memory, he is hesitant in making lasting friendships; it is a defensive mechanism because if something were to happen to them, he would remember it in perfect clarity and emotion. He has a tendency to overthink things, specifically when trying to figure out what others may be plotting. He is also mildly paranoid due to his past in Intelligence fieldwork. He would say that paranoia is an intel operative’s sixth sense keeping them alive. Jarex also is a "cold fish"; he has a good control on his emotions and their reflection in his body language. He is so often objective and efficient that he sometimes forgets that people are not pieces on a chess board and actions have real consequences.
Ambitions Short Term: Serve the Federation, Starfleet and Starfleet Intelligence against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Long Term: To move up in the ranks of the Investigations department.
Hobbies & Interests Jarex likes reading of almost any kind, specifically texts on psychology, kinesics, sociology, history, law, literature, criminal pathology, criminology, philosophy, and anthropology. He is also particularly interested in many forms of Human art and expression, especially classical paintings and sculptures, literature, and music. His favorite forms of music are classical music and Jazz. He learned to play the tenor saxophone while at Starfleet Academy and is very fond of listening and playing Jazz music by Lester Young, Cannonball Adderley, Jimmy Dorsey, and of course Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. Jarex also learned how to play both the old Earth chess as well as 3D chess and also learned how to play all forms of poker. He is extremely accomplished at both as most cadets learned during his time there. Eventually he was banned from playing poker due to his eidetic memory.

Personal History - Born 7/2358 on Trillius Prime.
- Primary schooling on Trillius Prime till high school graduation in 2373.
- Attended the University of Betazed from 2373 - 2378
- PhD in Forensic Psychology w/ a sub-specialty in Kinesics, and PhD's in Forensic Anthropology, Exopsychology, and Exosociology @ the University of Betazed, 2378.
- Initiate Program, 2378 - 2382
- Joined to Rel symbiont, 6/2382.

Jarex was born to Daved and Aleen Tevar. His father, Daved was a diplomat from the Trill Diplomatic Corps and was usually off world during the earliest years of Jarex's life. Aleen, his mother, was a professor of Biochemistry at the Trill Science Ministry. The eldest of 3 children, Jarex always watched out for his 2 younger siblings. From the moment of each of their births, he vowed that he would do whatever he could do keep his younger sister and brother safe.

Born 6 years after Jaxex, his sister Selira had an interest at an early age in many different kinds of animals. Growing up, he would bring her PADDs with many new animals that he had learned about in his elementary and middle school classes. She was the wide eyed innocent, always taking everything and everyone at face value. Eventually she went to the Trill Science Academy after high school and became an Exozoologist, becoming bonded to a symbiont several years after. The youngest, Kevid, was a sickly child, having respiratory problems since birth. In his early youth he was sick more years than he was healthy and their mother eventually had to leave the Science Ministry to care for him and teach him at home. Kevid was always fascinated with the symbionts, always asking questions and always wanting to hear stories of where they lived and what they did in their pools when they weren't joined to a Trill host. He eventually joined the Order of Guardians caring for the symbionts and tending to their pools.

When Jarex turned 5, it was evident that he had an eidetic memory, easily able to recall anything he saw, heard or read. As a result, his parents were constantly pushing him to do better, to be better so that he can achieve the highest honor that any Trill could achieve - joining to a symbiont. He excelled at his studies as it was quickly understood by his schoolmates that he was different and was therefore ostracized, leaving them all behind in their studies. Jarex didn't have much of a childhood, as he was not popular Coming from a family of intellectuals, he was constantly reading anything that he could get his hands on. He read books on astrophysics and biochemistry, Trill and Federation history and zoology; and of course, watching after his little brother and sister.

During high school he gravitated to studying about what motivated his own people, other species in the Federation, and beyond; he studied about other cultures, their desires and what drove them. Eventually it turned into a passion in Psychology/Exopsychology and Exosociology. He eventually graduated high school at the age of 15 and left Trillius Prime to study at the University of Betazed, renowned for its Department of Psychology.

While there, he decided to specialize in Forensic Psychology and sub specialize in Kinesics, the study of body language. He was fascinated with the criminal mind; how they could commit such horrendous crimes against others, what caused sentient beings to commit genocide, what motivated power hungry despots to subjugate others for greed or power. Those actions were so far from the ideals of the Trill and the Federation that he had to find out what made them tick! He was even more fascinated with non-verbal communication or body language, as 60% to 90% of communication is through body language. The vast majority of humanoid beings unknowingly giving their true thoughts away through body language; all it takes is being observant enough. Because of his eidetic memory, enthusiasm for knowledge, his love of Psychology and other species' cultures, he graduated with 4 PhD's, all being in very similar fields, by the age of 20.

It was at that time that he returned to Trillius Prime and joined the Initiate Program for joining with a symbiont. He excelled at the Initiate Program and was eventually sent to a field docent who was an Intelligence officer in Starfleet. It was that docent, a joined Trill named Commander Keran Prel, that instilled in Jarex a respect of law and order and taught him the ideals of Starfleet and what it stood for.

Jarex learned as much as he could from Commander Prel, absorbing his knowledge and love for Starfeet. When the time came, Commander Prel gave his approval to the Symbiosis Commission for Jarex to be bonded to a symbiont. At that time, he also extended him an invitation to join Starfleet by advising him that he was ready to submit a letter of recommendation for admittance to Starfleet Academy, after his bonding. Jarex was deeply honored and agreed that he would Return to Earth and receive a commission from the Academy.

Jarex returned to Trillius Prime and was bonded to the Rel symbiont after the necessary examination period with the Trill Examination Board, in 2382.
Service Record Service Record
- Attended Starfleet Academy Accelerated Program from 2382 - 2385.
- Graduated from Starfleet Academy w/ JD in Federation and Interstellar Law, 2385. Ensign.
- Assigned to DS4, 2385 - 2387. Ensign to Lt j.g., 2387.
- Reassigned to Starbase 10, 2387 - 2389. Lt. j.g. to Lt s.g., 2389
- Requested transfer to a starship. Assigned to the USS Sentinel, 2389.
- Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Sentinel 2389 - 2391.
- Promoted to Lt. Cmdr, 2390.
- Reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence Command, 2391 - 2393. Lt. Cmdr to Cmdr, 2391.
- Assigned to USS Artemis, Intelligence Attaché - Acting CIO.

Several months after bonding, he returned to Earth and started the Starfleet Academy Accelerated Program, already having most of the credits necessary for his JD in Federation and Interstellar Law. During his time at the Academy he mainly focused on the classes on learning to be a Starfleet Intelligence Officer.

After 3 years, Jarex graduated with honors and was then assigned as an Ensign to Deep Space 4, along the Romulan Neutral Zone. While there, he learned to apply what he had learned in his studies and found that he had a knack for intelligence. He worked with his fellow officers to bring down several smuggling rings that were operating out of DS 4 and helped identify no less than 2 Tal Shiar agents working undercover there. It was then that he was promoted to Lieutenant j.g.

A year later, he was transferred to Starbase 10 as it had a need for good Intelligence officers to liaise with several Starfleet vessels assigned to the Starbase operating along that stretch of the Neutral Zone. This is where Jarex received his shipboard knowledge of doing intelligence work on starships; assisting in away missions, briefing and debriefing the crew, compiling intelligence data for the XO's and CO's of the ships that were assigned to the Starbase as well as making sure that there were no information leaks. At least not the ones that local Intelligence command wanted leaked.

It was during this time 2 years later, in 2389, that he and his team of analysts found some key information from several encrypted communiques from the Romulan Star Empire. He and his team saved several Klingon and Starfleet vessels and their crews from destruction, during several weeks that both groups were conducting war games. For his work, he was promoted to Lieutenant s.g.

But what he really wanted to do was join a starship crew as CIO so he could be in the thick of things, getting back to his passion of Forensic Psychology/Anthropology and Kinesics.

In 2389 he requested a transfer to a ship of the line, where his skills and knowledge could be used by a captain and crew. His time on the USS Sentinel was very busy and productive but the records are heavily redacted and has been sealed “Top Secret - Eyes Only”. Only readable section is one annotation: 2389, Arbazan Skyfire Plague.

In 2391 Jarex was then transferred from the USS Sentinel to Starfleet Intelligence Command where his records are sealed.

In 2393 Jarex was posted to the USS Artemis as an Intelligence Attaché and acting Chief intelligence Officer.

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Security Code JR Alpha 5805
Clearance Level 10

USS Artemis Logistics

Office Location Intelligence Offices, Deck 12
Living Quarters Deck 5A - Sr. Officers Quarters
MVAM Section Alpha


Ship Certifications Command Certification
Advanced Intelligence Operations (Level 3)
Advanced Investigations Operations (Level 3)
Advanced Ship Operations (Level 1)
Advanced Tactical Systems (Level 1)
Basic Flight Operations (Level 3)
Science Certifications Advanced Psychology Degrees (Level 3)
- PhD in Foresic Psychology - Specialty in Kinesics (Body Language)
- PhD in Exopsychology
Advanced Sociology Degree (Level 3)
-PhD in Sociology and Exosociology
Advanced Anthropology Degree (Level 3)
- PhD in Forensic Anthropology
Advanced Law Degree (Level 3)
- JD in Federation and Interstellar Law
Combat Certifications Advanced Intelligence Operative (Level 3)
Advanced Guerrila Warfare (Level 2)
Advanced Starfleet Martial Arts Training (Level 2)
Advanced Earth Martial Arts (Level 2)
- Muay Thai
- Krav Maga
- Jeet Kune Do
Advanced Energy Weapons Training (Various) (Level 1)
Basic Ship to Ship Combat (Level 2)
Basic Security Operations (Level 2)


Personal Skills Fluent in Federation Standard
Fluent in Betazed
Fluent in Vulcan
Fluent in Romulan
Fluent in Klingon