NCC - 81297

Master Chief Petty Officer Sophal Sori

Name Sophal Sori

Position Chief of the Boat

Second Position Quartermaster

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran/El-Aurian
Age 346
Date of Birth 2047
Place of Birth Bajor

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Sophal is under the average height for a fully grown woman. She keeps her black hair cut short, and her body in good shape with an extensive workout routine. There are a few marks on her body, gained centuries earlier, before the medical technology was able to erase them completely. A few more marks are on her body from her time with the resistance.

She still wears the earring she was given when she was a child, all those years ago.


Spouse Several, all dead
Children Even more, all over the Federation
Father Sophal Loti (deceased his family line is kept alive by Sophal Sori and her children)
Mother Turrel Mariah (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Many that she has never met. Does not know their names
Other Family Most of her father's family died off already. Her mother's family were either killed by the Borg, or when their ship bringing them to safety got destroyed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview After over three hundred years of life, she is still a good listener. Quiet and very content to sit in a room, all alone. Just her, a good book and a glass of wine. She will hangout with friends, but is hardly ever the center of attention.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Loti Sora is a good listener, like all of her mother’s people are. She is also very religious, something she got from her father’s side. She is also dedicated to her ship and crew, whoever they happen to be.

Can get to points where she broods about the past. Broke many of her personal rules about killing during the Bajoran occupation. After the occupation, she has issues with using weapons against other living beings. Which can bring her into conflict with keeping her crewmates safe
Ambitions To see as much of the Galaxy as she can
Hobbies & Interests Reading, both religion and mythology. Holonovels, and listening to live music

Service Record 2047: became acolyte apprentice on Bajor at age of 7
2060: Made the rank of Prylar
2068: Made the rank of Ranjen
2077: Attained rank of Vedek. Sat on Vedek assembly
2117: When she reached the age of seventy, and had yet to show her age, her mother had returned to Bajor and told her of her mother’s people. Before too many of the Bajoran’s who lived near her could ask, she fled the planet.
2117-2293: Wandered around known space. Going from notable areas in Romulan, Klingon, Federation and Cardassian space, she was driven by a need for knowledge.
2293: Borg destroyed the Homeworld of her mother’s people
2293: Was one of a few refugees that were saved by the Enterprise B
2293-2360: During a period of depression that stemmed from losing her mother’s people, she Fell in with a band of pirates, including Orions. Also ran with smugglers and other lowlifes
2360: Heard about the Cardassian Occupation of her people.
2361: Returned to Bajor, joined the resistance.
2361-2369: Kept hidden with a band of rebels, during the occupation
2369: Occupation ended, She moved to the stars, this time getting support and joining Starfleet.
2369: Went into the boot camp for enlisted crew. After six months, she was moved to the USS Ticonderoga, working as Computer system’s specialist
2370: Promoted to Crewman
2391: Transferred to the USS Denver as Chief of the boat
2393: Promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer
2393: USS Denver lost when warp core went critical after a battle with Breen ships.
2393: Transferred to the USS Artemis with a dual role as the Quartermaster and Chief of the Boat.

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Security Code SS Beta 4708
Clearance Level 8

USS Artemis Logistics

Office Location Deck 3
Living Quarters Deck 5
MVAM Section alpha



Personal Skills Sophal is skilled in many languages that she learned during her long life.