NCC - 81297

Lieutenant JG Fiso

Name Fiso

Position Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ferengi
Age 34
Date of Birth 2359
Place of Birth Ferenginar

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color bald
Eye Color green
Physical Description Fiso is your typical Ferengi female, but clothed. Her teeth are white, but still Sharp. She also had the typical blue fingernails, and no hair, that all of her kind have. She is slightly overweight, but it is hard to tell with her height being so short. Some of the marks on her body, put there in her youth have been fixed. Now she just fights to keep a but of belly from expanding across her uniform. Also wears an ornate Ferengi headdress.


Spouse none
Children Anya
Father Krek
Mother Lont
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Dal
Other Family Any other family she may have has been forgotten, because they abandoned her and her mother, when her mother was found to be making a profit before it was allowed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Parts of Fiso's personality is different from other Ferengi. While like the rest of her race, she is attracted to latinum, it is not the only driving force in her life. She has dedicated her life to Starfleet, no matter how hard it is to get accepted. Fiso is a great listener, very detail orientated. This habit of listening carefully to others is the reason she is good at gathering intel.

In her time in Starfleet bootcamp, she showed great promise at making lists, reading star charts and guessing how people could react to situations. Later when she became an Petty officer first class, she had the luck to have been stationed with a Zakdorn who served as a fleet tactician. She did her best to watch the Zakdorn at work and she could see how battle plans would have to be changed during the course of a fight.

While she may seem like a basic Ferengi store owner, making lists and keeping tabs on people around her, she is different. She had issues making trades at times. She can do it, but she is better at keeping lists. The biggest difference is she is very loyal to her shipmates, something she proved before she was allowed to enter Starfleet. She is comfortable in large groups, but still has times where she tries to flee when it gets too crowded. On her off time, she can be found gambling, or looking through reports, charts and files.

A loving mother and still holds close ties to her mother and sister. They are more Ferengi then she is, but only for their love of turning a profit.
Strengths & Weaknesses Fiso has the mind of a tactician. Always trying to think of several moves ahead and several backup plans for each move. She has a fondness for pouring over charts and graphs, which make the strategic operations job perfect for her. She is loyal to her crew and can not be bought. Her hearing is as good and any Ferengi.

A big weakness for her is gambling. Sometimes it gets hard for her to quit. She is also under therapy to stop her basic instinct to flee when in danger.
Ambitions Command one day, but to teach her daughter to live as a Ferengi in a mostly Human Federation
Hobbies & Interests Flowcharts and ledgers interest Fiso. She is also very fond of star charts. Has a weakness for gambling

Another big pastime for her is spending time with her daughter and trying out different holoprograms.

Personal History Fiso was born on Ferenginar to Lont and a man whom she doesn't care if she ever hears his name again. Lont was taken in as a contract, with the stipulation she would give the man one son. Soon after Fiso was born. The contract was extended and about five years later, Dal was born. It was in this time, while Fiso was about nine, her mother was found to be making a profit, which was illegal at the time.

Lont was told to give the profit up, but she refused. She refused to sign her confession too. With no living male family left to pay restitution, she was sold, along with her daughters into servitude. But after being sold, they were traded in a business deal to a Dopterian. This man was part of a slightly shadier side of life than the three Ferengi women were used to, but as long as the profit came in, he let them live. And the more that came in, the greater the luxury. Lont kept her own fortune and helped amass hers and his into greater fortunes.

For awhile things were looking up. One of the men on the ship began teaching Fiso in the art of piloting a shuttle and ships. Others educated the chidlren, making sure they were given a decent education. Another taught her to read star charts. Then, when Fiso got to be about fourteen, things took a sharp u-turn. During a deal that involved stolen Federation equipment, their master was arrested. Fiso got separated from Lont and Dal. The young Ferengi teen found herself at a Starbase in the middle of the Dominion war. After several weeks of waiting for her mother, and starving, the need to eat got the best of her. Fiso broke down and tried stealing from someone. That someone turned out to be a Starfleet commander. She had almost gotten away, but was arrested. After a fast trial, she was sent to the penal colony on Earth where she spent the next two years.

While in the penal colony, she spent her evenings playing chess and other games that promoted tactical thinking or logic. While the men on her old ship had taught her to read and about some things in life, she took this time to learn as much as she could.

When she turned sixteen, a Starfleet Captain came to her and offered her freedom, if she helped find some of the men who had been plaguing the rebuilding Starfleet. She took this chance at freedom, but with a request that she could join Starfleet when she hit eighteen. This began a six month spot of working on a Starship while they chased down leads. She was allotted eight hours for sleep, though she only used six of that. On off days, she would spend six hours in Operations, doing school work. Then the rest of leftover hours in a day were spent doing work around the ship, like normal crew members. As the six months passed, they finally caught the man they had been after, a man who had done shady deals for the Dopterian that had saved her from a life of servitude.

As per the agreement, she was given her freedom. While waiting for a chance to join the academy, she stayed with the family of the Captain of who pulled her from the penal colony. The man who she had stolen from managed to find a way to mess up her entrance exams. Not wishing to back down from her goal of joining Starfleet, she changed her tactics and joined the bootcamp for enlisted personal.

After six months there, she returned and did a focus on Strategic operations. That training took the better part of a year.

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Logistics


Ship Certifications Advanced Strategic Operations certificate (Level 3)
Advanced Tactical Systems (Level 2)
Basic Flight Operations (Level 3)
Basic Flight Operations (Level 3)
-Area of focus: Shuttlecraft
Basic Engineering Operations (Level 2)
Basic Ship Operations (Level 2)
Science Certifications Basic first aid