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Lieutenant Commander Loreni Jelora

Name Loreni Jelora

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position Third Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian
Age 33 (chronologically 40)
Date of Birth by the Terran calendar, January 27th.
Place of Birth Torenn Labour Camp, Bajor

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Jelora is a young Cardassian woman who makes no attempt to hide her ancestry. She has a grey complexion, long, thick black hair which is always tied back in elaborate Cardassian styles. She wears the traditional blue cosmetics on her head and neck ridges, like most women of her race. Among her people, she was considered very attractive, however she has a small scar over her right eye which detracts from her appearance somewhat. Despite the technology to heal this, she refuses, considering the scar a reminder of the difficulties her people face.

Physically, Jelora is tall and slender, but surprisingly strong.


Spouse n/a, but in a long-term relationship with Cody Connors
Children n/a
Father Seral Vekor (deceased 2371)
Mother Gul Seylin Jelora (deceased 2375)
Brother(s) Eris (deceased 2371)
Girel (deceased 2375)
Sister(s) Locett (deceased 2375)
Other Family Girel had two children, Lira (2370-5) and Eris (2372-5). Both deceased.
Rika has a husband, Meren, and two daughters, Seylin (b.2378) and Rekella (b.2381)

Personality & Traits

General Overview On the surface, Jelora is a complex, calculating, and sarcastic person. She doesn't hesitate to voice her opinion when she has one, though this is as much related to her belief that she is often right as it is to simply liking to talk. Ultimately, she understands and respects the chain of command, and will rarely cross a direct order, even if she disagrees with it. Beneath the surface, Jelora is still struggling with the trauma of what she experienced during the destruction of Cardassia at the end of the Dominion War. She is fiercely loyal to her people, but is devoted to the Federation, and becomes extremely conflicted when these two loyalties clash. Despite her devotion to the Federation, Jelora remains xenophobic, although she sometimes tries to hide it (at least outwardly). She is particularly distrustful of Vulcans and Betazoids, and, of course, Bajorans. She has come to like humans quite well however, and to a certain degree, is pleasantly amused by those who distrust her race. She considers this distrust a subtle compliment, which frequently frustrates and confuses her adversaries... even if she does get a little tired of it from time to time.

She has the unfortunate habit of being a little overdramatic at times, and is frequently not entirely truthful. She does, however, derive a great deal of entertainment from these two aspects of her personality.

Recently, Loreni encountered her long-lost sister Karis Jelora, who led a band of pirates that boarded and pillaged the USS Hathor before being fought off by the crew. Karis' resentment of Loreni's chosen career and cruelty to crewmates that Loreni had formed bonds with - in particular Cody Connors - has led Loreni to become even more emotionally withdrawn and hostile. This is a way of protecting herself - and, in her mind, her crew - from the terrors of her past. Loreni is deeply scarred, lonely, and afraid to grow too close to people, for fear that she will cause them pain. As a result, she is difficult to get close to... but for those who find a way to do so, they will find that underneath the hard exterior lies a kind and sensitive soul.
Strengths & Weaknesses Loreni, like most of her race, has a very good memory. She tends to remember small details well, which helps her in her chosen scientific career. She is intelligent, but occasionally allows her personal biases to colour her views.

She doesn't have the best sense of direction (at least, when there isn't a map involved), and has difficulty asking for assistance. She can be very difficult to get along with.
Ambitions Loreni tells people that she hopes one day to return to Cardassia as a Federation ambassador, and guide Cardassia towards full membership in the Federation, but she realizes this is not a very likely scenario.

More recently, her aspirations have been more domestic - although she would never admit it, a part of her would like to have children and raise them in safety. She realizes, however, that she would be incredibly bored if this actually came to pass.
Hobbies & Interests Aside from her scientific pursuits, Loreni enjoys a fine glass of Kanar, cooking, holonovels, holoprogramming, and, though she'd never willingly admit it to her crewmates, a variety of styles of dancing.

She also has a holoprogram by the name of Elim, who she likes to spend time with on the holodeck in a Cardassian sauna. Elim is an old Obsidian Order data scavenging program, whose primary function is to look up public records and compile profiles of Loreni's crewmates. He can be altered to suit other situations as needed, such as a holographic interface for a ship's system, or to manage communications... though these functions are rarely utilized. Loreni prefers to keep Elim her little secret unless forced to divulge information about him. Elim has been purged of any of his Order code that would lead to security breaches or violate Starfleet rules of conduct, but this does not always mean that Elim behaves within those guidelines, and Loreni silently fears that Elim may be beginning to develop a preliminary sentience.

Personal History 2352 - Loreni Jelora is born on Bajor to Gul Seylin Jelora and Obsidian Order agent Seral Velar. Loreni is raised on Bajor with her brothers and sisters, who receive private tutoring from the best tutors their parents' influence can acquire. Loreni displays an aptitude for science at a young age and eagerly studies under the tutelage of some of Bajor's best scientific minds. During her youth, she accompanies her father to Romulus on more than one occasion as he carries out tasks for the Order.

2366 - While taking a rare vacation, the family narrowly avoids being killed in a resistance attack that virtually destroys Torenn labour camp, which Gul Jelora runs and at which the family has lived. Gul Jelora decides that her family is no longer safe on Bajor despite violent revenge against the resistance cell responsible, so she 'negotiates' a position as the head of the Ninth Order. The rest of the family relocates to Lakat.

2371 - Loren's father and eldest brother Eris are both killed in the Obsidian Order attack on the Dominion at the Omarian Nebula.

2375 - Gul Seylin Jelora (Loreni's mother) is captured by the Federation shortly before the end of the Dominion war and handed over to the Bajorans as a war criminal for her role in the Occupation. She is executed.
During the final battle of the war, Loreni was with her brother, Girel and his family. When the Dominion destroyed Lakat, the family was trapped for two days inside the ruins of the house. Girel's wife died instantly, as did their three year old son, Eris. Loreni was trapped with her injured five year old niece Lira, who succumbed to her injuries and died in Loreni's arms less than an hour before their rescue. Girel died shortly after his rescue.
Loreni is pulled from the wreckage of Girel's house by a human Starfleet officer named Lt. Evan Smith of the USS Endeavor. Deciding that she couldn't bear to live on a Cardassia in ruins, she joined Lt. Smith and the Endeavor on their return to Earth. The two become very close.
Her sister, Karis, was supposed to be enroute to Lakarian City when it was destroyed, but despite evidence to suggest that she was not in the city at the time of it's destruction, no trace of her whereabouts was been found

2376 - Loreni formally enters Starfleet Academy, although she faces resistance to her admission and some hostility among staff and students because of lingering resentment over the Cardassians' role as a Dominion ally.

2380 - She is assigned to the USS Endeavor as Science Officer.

2383 - She requests, and is granted, a transfer to the science team assigned to Auria.

2384 - Loreni Jelora is assigned to the USS Hathor as Chief Science Officer

2385 - Loreni is assigned to the USS Cousteau

2386 - Loreni Jelora reported MIA after being captured by her sister, Karis Jelora. She spends 9 months on an uninhabited world, from her perspective, though in reality several years have passed.
Service Record 2375 - Jelora applies to the Academy. This causes some controversy due to decades of mistrust of the Cardassian people. Her application is finally approved and she is admitted the following year after she completes the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program.

2380 - Jelora graduates in the top 15th percentile. Despite this, she has some difficulty securing a first posting, although she eventually accepts a position in Stellar Cartography aboard the USS Endeavor.

2383 - While on an away mission to deliver aid to the Cardassian colony of Ventani II, the away team is attacked by thugs looking to steal supplies. Jelora hesitates to fire upon one of the Cardassian men, and a crewmate is critically injured as a direct result. Jelora is disciplined for her inaction.
- Two months later, Jelora transfers to the science team assigned to Auria.

2384 - Jelora is rescued from Auria by the USS Cygnus while the rest of her science team was killed in battle against the Zarnac. She turned down a transfer request to the Cygnus, and was assigned to the USS Hathor.

2385 - Jelora is promoted to full Lieutenant and Chief of Science on board the USS Hathor.

2385 - Following an incident aboard the USS Hathor on which Loreni's elder sister resurfaced as the Captain of a band of pirates who attacked the Hathor, Loreni faces stigma from the crew, especially in light of multiple crewmembers either badly injured or killed by her sister. She decides to apply for a transfer, and is reassigned to the USS Cousteau.

2385 - Loreni becomes pregnant with the child of Dr. Cody Connors, Chief Counsellor and assistant Medical Officer of the USS Cousteau.

2385 - Assists in the development of a vaccine to cure a plague ravaging Cardassia Prime.

2386 - Awarded a field promotion to 2XO and the rank of Lt. Cmdr, however this is never officially registered.

2386 - Less than two weeks before the USS Cousteau is destroyed by an unknown contaminant in the warp core, Loreni and Cody are captured by Loreni's sister, Karis. Karis Jelora's ship has been confirmed destroyed, but no trace was found of Loreni or Cody in the wreckage. Their current location remains unknown.

2393 - Loreni is rescued from a previously unexplored world, surrounded by a temporal anomaly. From her perspective, only nine months have passed.

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Security Code JL Alpha 6106
Clearance Level 6

USS Artemis Logistics

Office Location Deck 4
Living Quarters Deck 5
MVAM Section Alpha


Ship Certifications Command certification
Basic Flight Operations (level 2)
Basic Ship Operations (level 3)
Basic Engineering Operations (level 3)
Basic Tactical Certification (level 2)
Science Certifications Advanced Science Certification (level 3)
-degree focus areas: Stellar Cartography, Astrometrics, Physics
Basic Forensic Science Certification (level 3)
Basic Medical Certification (level 1)
Combat Certifications Advanced Intelligence Certification (level 1)
Basic Weapons Certification - Hand-to-hand (level 3)
Advanced Weapons Certification - Phaser (level 1)