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Major Richter Sarajevo

Name Richter Sarajevo

Position SWAT Captain

Rank Major


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 41
Date of Birth December 18, 2350
Place of Birth Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Brown - Dark
Eye Color Brown - Dark
Physical Description A sturdy looking Bajoran male of slightly above average height and a strong athletic build. Richter wears his hair short, nearly shaved, and is otherwise clean shaven. Grooming, as is the nature of the Corps, is something the man pays meticulous attention to and is second only to his habitual physical training.

Broad the shoulder and comparatively slim at the waist, he holds a strong presence that come complete with long muscular arms and a thick ropy neck.

He was decorated with black-work tattooing at the arms, neck, and chest. Tattooing that was almost exclusively Nautical or Corps in theme dictating that this soldier was a Navy man thru and thru.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Dr. Victor Kovacs & Prof. Aleister Edmonton-Korvacs
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family Godfather to Ariana Ngata (8 years old) and assorted cousins within the Kovacs and Edmonton families.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dr. SHEY ANDREWS MD; Star Fleet Psychiatric: Richter Sarajevo is meticulous if a bit strong headed. He has an adherent belief in both the Rule of Law and The Star Fleet Prime Directive. He had, more than once, became argumentative during hypothetical scenarios concerning the latter. His commitment to Federation ideals is unwavering.

The mystery surrounding his parentage is a point of contention with the gentleman. It is this office's professional opinion that animosity exists between the gentleman and those of the Bajoran race, however, it was at not time during the interview an opinion specifically stated.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Physically and Mentally Strong, Richter Sarajevo's athleticism has never been in question. He is acutely aware of his surrounding while observing both detail and nuance of situations or obstacles placed before him. Charismatic, he has received top leadership marks over his career within the Fleet.

The gentleman is prone to brief outburst in times of exceeding stress. His comradery with those in the service of the Corps at times comes at the expense of other departments. It's often the case that a bi-polar opinion of Sarajevo is developed, ranging from amiable to indifference and even inconsiderate, depending the color and insignia of the crewman's uniform.
Ambitions Richter Sarajevo's only ambition is service to the Fleet and Federation.
Hobbies & Interests A one time Golden Glove Boxer, Richter Sarajevo still takes a recreational view of the sport. He is also an accomplished gymnast, something that has incorporated into his physical activity and training.

He fancies himself a connoisseur of spirits, specifically Vodka and Whiskey, as well as enjoying Billiards and games of chance.

Personal History Early life:
The Bajoran was never so much born as discovered, and that discovery was something of an enigma. At the time of his birth/appearance, little was known within the general population about Bajorans -- even less understood was how one of their children arrived on Earth but arrive baby Richter did.

A vintner and her husband discovered the babe in vineyard along Dinaric Alps, just outside the Bosnian city of Sarajevo. As much as the couple might have wished to do so, they were unable to keep and care for another child having already many of their own. Off Richter was passed to Federation Juvenile Services situated in Bratislava, Slovakia. Questions and speculation abound about how a Bajoran infant came to be among Eastern European vines but that question, if ever could be answered, would have to wait.

For the first 5 years or so of his life the babe was known simply as Sarajevo (or formally INFANT AH-7 SARAJEVO), a designation assigned to him given the location of his discovery. It was a designation the boy would take as a surname years later.

Sarajevo’s primary care-giver at FJS was a pleasant round faced gentleman by the name of Dr Victor Kovacs. In many ways Dr. Kovacs became the boy's surrogate father, taking special time and attention with him over the other boys in the dormitory. The fondess Victor had for the boy was not without reciprocation. In truth, the boy was sio fond of his friend and teacher that INFANT AH-7 SARAJEVO took the name Richter, a play on the boy’s pronunciation of the Doctor's name 'victor'

Dr. Korvacs and his husband Aleister Edmonton-Korvacs, an English Professor at Cambridge University, so enjoyed and loved young Richter that they chose to adopt him -- taking him from the FJS and incorporating him into their Family Unit. He left Bratislava just shy of his 7th birthday, honorarily celebrated in the 18th of December, and came live with the couple in their London Suburb.

Richter wouldn't exactly say the dormitory life of FJS was a bad thing, the Federation supplied the child with all he needed to learn and grow in a comfortable setting. With the Korvacs, however, Richter found a family -- something that would, from that point on, be of great importance to him.

Victor, though rounding in age, was an athlete as a young man -- a boxer, fencer, and wrestler. Victor saw to it that the boy embraced athletics and sportsmanship. By 16 Richter was both captain of his schools Lacrosse Team and a system-ranked Golden Glove boxer in the European Youth Boxing league. He tough the boy valuable life-long lessons in exercise and nutrition. he showed him how to throw a punch and hit a baseball.

Victor Korvacs to it that the teen remained disciplined, but also knew how to have fun.

As one showed Richter the capabilities of the body, so did his partner show the capabilities of the mind. Aleister was the intellectual muscle behind Richter’s early tutelage. He was a Rhodes Scholar, a Professor, and was the epitome of an English Gentleman down to his received pronunciation and manners.

He was committed that he son not be a simple meathead, but a cultured Renaissance man. By Richter's 14th year he could speak 6 languages fluently, study frequently in math and the sciences while maintaining an appreciation of classic works such as Shakespeare, Wilde, and Williams.

At 18 Richter Sarajevo made the choice to commit himself to Federal Service. He had received athletic scholarships to some of the Federation's best Universities but instead chose a life among the stars.

For most young people, their first destination would be Star fleet Academy but, for this young man, it was more of a work around. Since he first laid eyes on the fighting men and women of the Corps, their pristine uniforms and cut figures, he knew that is what he wanted to do. While his parents supported his choice, they were both adamant that he become the best of the best of the best -- an officer in the SFMC. That meant getting to the Star fleet Marine Corps by way of Star fleet Academy in San Francisco.

He enrolled with a discipline in Command while also taking part in Corp meritorious programs also offered at the Academy. Completion of a merit credit would send him to China on the weekends for officer candidate school.

Upon graduation of Star Fleet Academy, he could then invest his full time in Basic followed by Specialization training on Venus. After three years of incredible training, both physical and mental, Richter was allowed admittance into the exclusive brotherhood of those proud few.

Service Career:
2nd Lt. Sarajevo's first deployment was to the Nathius Cluster, charged with maintaining the Fleet's standing order against Piracy. He spent two years policing merchant shipping lanes and, while he have had disagreements with Soldiers being used as Policemen, he understood the need.

His second tour would be the brush fires of Garanta VI, a series of conflicts between the standing Monarch and the cousin which looked to seize his thrown. Again, it was a police action, but here he saw a greater need and service of the Corps. He and the 8th were directly responsible for the preservation of life and property as the warlords dueled. The 8th Division was on a mission of sanctuary, a secure and stable compound to house refugees of the battling kin. There were only a handful of actual engagements between the Marines and Garanta factions -- to hear Richtor relay the story ".. and the G's got their ass kicked in each one."

Richter Sarajevo, now promoted to 1st Lieutenant, returned to Earth for a year to both recruit and give instruction at Basic. The following year being transferred the second Fleet Division and his longest deployment to date.

He arrived in the Typhon sector in the fall of '76, a near empty patch of space just beyond the Klingon border. Here they were no longer chasing pirates or protecting refugees but engaging in what felt like a full on war with the Borg.

It was a meat grinder.

Division after Division of Federation Marines and Klingon Warriors cycling into the sector to -- as near as Richter could figure -- keep the Borg occupied with enough that they stay out of Federation proper.

[note: The previous statement was speculation, representing solely the opinion of Lieutenant Sarajevo and not based in fact. Further Information on the Typhon Sector has been redacted as it serves no purpose for this record. Should further information be required, formal inquiry can be made with Field Marshall Andrew CC Bowles; SFMC, San Francisco North America. ]

Richter was commissioned Marine Captain following his return and served for a tour aboard the USS Saladin as Marine Detachment XO. A second tour came aboard the USS Black Prince where he this time served as the detachment Commander.

10 years as a Detachment officer saw his rank again rise to that of Major. Major Richter Sarajevo currently serves aboard the USS Artemis, apart of the ship's Special Weapons and Tactics team.

Service Record 2368 - (a) Starfleet Academy San Francisco, North America
2368 - (b) Officer Meritorious Program SFMC @ SFNA

2369 - (a) Officer Candidates School; OCS. Bejing, Asia.
2369 - (b) The Basic School; TBS. Quantico, Virginia, North America

2370 - (a) Specialization training; Antilles Marine Yard; Venus, SOL.
2370 - (b) Marine Career begins - Second Lieutenant

2371 to '73 - Deployed, Nathius Cluster. Fleet Division 1, 8th Marines

2373 to '75 - Deployed, Baratack System; Garanta VI. Fleet Division 1, 8th Marines

2375 to '76 - Return to Marine Command. Recruiter (6months) Instructor (6months)

2376 - (a) promotion, First Lieutenant.
2376 - (b) Deployed, Typhon Sector. Fleet Division 2, 1st Marines

2376 to '83 - Typhon Sector. Fleet Division 2, 1st Marines

2384 - (a) promotion, Marine Captain.
2384 - Marine Detachment, USS Saladin

2384 to '89 - Marine Detachment, Marine Executive Officer, USS Saladin

2389 to '93 - Marine Detachment, Marine Commanding Officer, USS Black Prince

2393 - (a) promotion, Major
2393 - (b) Special Weapons and Tactics Team, Commanding Officer, USS Artemis

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Security Code SR Gamma 5007
Clearance Level 7

USS Artemis Logistics

Office Location Deck 12
Living Quarters Deck 5
MVAM Section gamma


Ship Certifications Advanced Tactical Systems (Level 1)
Science Certifications Basic Combat Medic (level 3)
Combat Certifications Advance SWAT Tactics (level 3)
Advanced Security Operations (Level 1)
Advanced Ship to Ship Combat (Level 1)