NCC - 81297

Lieutenant JG Tora Gadeon

Name Tora Gadeon M.D., F.S.C.S.

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant JG


  • 27 Mission Posts

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Sat Sep 30th, 2017 @ 2:01pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 53
Date of Birth December 31, 2340
Place of Birth Ilvia, Rakantha Province, Northeastern District, Bajor

Physical Appearance

Height 1.83 m
Weight 65.7 kg
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Dark Grey
Physical Description Tall, lanky and fit for his age. Many scars over his body, specifically lash marks all over his back and shoulders.


Spouse Tora Kaleema (Deceased)
Children Tora Gidal (Deceased)
Tora Delana (Deceased)
Tora Fernaal (Deceased)
Father Tora Gedron (Deceased)
Mother Tora Seela (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tora Gadeon is a practical, prudent, disciplined, patient, and reserved indivdual. He is also pessimistic, fatalistic, miserly, grudging, bitter and taciturn. He has a very broad definition of medical ethics. Basically anything that will help or heal a patient he is willing to do and consequences be damned.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Outstanding trauma surgeon, attention to detail, almost encyclopedic with medical knowledge and deadly with small, sharp objects. Willing to do whatever it takes to help his patients.

Weakness: Bitter, pessimistic to a fault, and usually insubordinate, bordering on outright rebelliousness when it comes to the treatment and wellbeing of his patients.
Ambitions Be a damned good doctor.
Hobbies & Interests Drinking, Poetry, Music (usually the more melancholic the better).

Personal History Gadeon was apprenticed to a Doctor in the Ilvia Medical Center at an early age during the Occupation, having an extremely good grasp of healing and medicine. His mother was the local healer of medicinal cures of an organic nature and therefore learned all of the healing and helpful properties of a vast amount of herbs and plants. His father saw that he could one day become an outstanding doctor and made an arrangement with the local Gul and sent him to the medical center to apprentice him there.

He worked there for many years, helping the doctors and healers care for Cardassian and Bajoran alike. He learned quickly and was soon able to treat minor to moderate illnesses on his own. When he was about 14, he heard that his parents were murdered in a mass roundup of "dissidents". This led him to leave the Ilvia Medical center, taking many texts and information with him, and joined the Resistance.

During his time with the resistance, his level of knowledge in medicine grew, specifically of a trauma nature. He was the Field Medic for a Resistance Team. His knowledge of medicine made him extremely efficient at killing Cardassians.

While in the Resistance, he married and had 3 children. He was often away from his family fighting Cardies and therefore was unaware that they were killed during a raid of his cell's base of operations. He did not know of their fate until almost a month later and it killed him inside. As a result, he would volunteer for the most dangerous assassination missions, learning the most efficient way to kill Cardassians using poisons and small bladed weapons. He would often use his status as a doctor to kill many injured Cardassians, specifically those that were soldiers.

He found it difficult to transition to "civilian life" after the Occupation ended and was given a position as a doctor in the Bajoran Military. He spent many an hour with Vedeks and Psychologists to deal with his anger and psychological trauma at the loss of his family and channeled his anger and bitterness into his medicine, leaving the world of assassination behind. But it was ever lurking in the background.

When Bajor was admitted into the Federation, he applied to Starfleet as he no longer wanted to stay on Bajor. He did a fast track Academy training in Medicine and Graduated near the top of his class but had many reprimands in his jacket for insubordination and rebelliousness. He only reason he was allowed to graduate was his knowledge of Trauma Surgery and Medicine.

He never stayed in a posting for long, always getting into trouble with his superiors due to his insubordination and his willingness to do whatever it took to help his patients.
Service Record 2377 - 2381: Starfleet Academy Accelerated Program for Existing Physicians. Ensign.

2381 - 2383: Starfleet Medical Emergency and Trauma Specialty Program. Lt. j.g.

2383 - 2385: Earth Spacedock - Attending Trauma Surgeon. Lt. j.g. then demotion to Ensingn d/t Gross Insubordination. Transferred.

2385 - 2387: USS Lexington - Medical Officer and Trauma Surgeon. Promotion to Lt. j.g. then demotion to Ensign for Dereliction of Duty. Transferred.

2387 - 2390: USS Phoenix - Medical Officer and Trauma Surgeon. Promotion to Lt. j.g. four outstanding performance as a shipboard doctor.

2393 (present): Requested transfer to USS Artemis as Trauma Surgeon and Medical Officer.

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Security Code TG Beta 40
Clearance Level 4

USS Artemis Logistics

Office Location Deck 7B - Battle Sickbay
Living Quarters Deck 6A - Crew Quarters
MVAM Section Beta


Ship Certifications Basic Ship Operations (Level 2)
Basic Flight Operations (Level 1)
Science Certifications Advanced Medical Degree (Level 3)
- M.D.
- Internal Medicine
- General Surgery
- Cardiothoracic Surgery
- Neurosurgery
- Pediatric Surgery
- Trauma Surgery
Advanced Science Degree (Level 2)
- Biology, Molecular Biology and Xenobiology
- Genetics
Combat Certifications Advanced Melee Combat (Small bladed weapons) (Level 2)
Advanced Assasination/Intelligence Operative (Level 2)
Advanced Guerrila Warfare (Level 1)
Basic Energy Weapons Training (Level 3)


Personal Skills Fluent in Federation Standard
Fluent in Bajoran
Fluent in Vulcan
Fluent in Cardassian