NCC - 81297

Commander Maerys Vandi

Name Maerys Vandi

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Romulan Hybrid
Age 45
Date of Birth 10 July 2348
Place of Birth Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Standing 5’8” tall, the apparent Vulcan has a slight, yet well-toned build. Her facial features make her appear almost Asian, though the slight green tinge to her skin, and dramatically pointed ears, make it clear that there is more to her heritage than simply Human stock. Curious, dark brown eyes, peer out at the world. Her hair is black and shoulder length, and worn in various styles depending on her moods.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Torvas Anton Vandi, Starfleet Security (Retired)
Mother Alice Marisol Vandi, Starfleet Security (Retired)
Brother(s) Adoptive: Stephen, Anton
Sister(s) Gala

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maerys is a slightly standoffish woman, more concerned with her pursuits than being overly mindful of typical niceties, though she is not entirely unfriendly. Which can be disconcerting, considering the fact that her green blood and pointed ears tend to point to a Vulcan heritage. She is a touch telepath, and tends to avoid most physical contact with others, though doesn’t fear it.

While she is driven in her pursuits, she also knows how to remain calm under pressure, something that speaks well to both the Vulcan and Romulan sides of her lineage. A solid scientist in a number of fields, and a dedicated Starfleet Security officer for just over two decades, she takes her job very seriously. Laws must be enforced, criminals brought to justice, or the fabric of a free society will fold in on itself.
Strengths & Weaknesses S- Strong Willed
S- Loyal
S- Brave
S- Intelligent
S- Logical
S- Determined
S- Physically Fit
S- Competitive

W- Strong Willed - Has been known to clash with command decisions that she views as illogical.
W- Brave - Has disobeyed orders to minimize loss of life on two occasions during her Starfleet career. While her actions were deemed to be court martial worthy, her valor has managed to keep her in the Starfleet uniform, though at a twice reduced rank.
W- Determined - She can’t let anything go. Once she gets a hold of something, she’s not letting up until she gets answers.
W- Competitive - Things can, and have, gone awry...
Ambitions To be the best at chasing down criminals.

Also, she’s never been able to determine where she actually came from, or who her parents were. This has always been a driving force behind the work that she has chosen to do for Starfleet, and, one day, she is hoping to find out what happened that left a Vulcan/Romulan hybrid abandoned on Earth as an infant.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:

Various Martial Arts, Orbital Skydiving, Rock Climbing, Camping, Cooking, Reading, Writing, Music


Investigative Sciences, Legal Studies, Law Enforcement, Criminal Psychology, Criminal Pathology, Forensic Anthropology, Galactic Languages

Personal History Childhood:

Born 2348 to unknown parents, Maerys showed up on a freighter transport coming off of a starbase bordering the Romulan Neutral Zone. No one knows where she actually came aboard, but once she was found, she was delivered to the Sol system. After multiple attempts were made to find her parents, and many diplomatic requests were made to see if either the Vulcans, or the Romulans, would lay claim to her, failed, she was placed with an adoptive family on Earth and raised among the many aliens that called the world their home.


She was brought up under the watchful eye of the Federation Council, not that she ever knew that, both of her parents being retired Starfleet Security officers. The Vulcan/Romulan hybrid had often drawn strange looks from people, and had often been the butt of cruel jokes, but as time passed, and under the loving tutelage of her adoptive, Human, parents, she had learned a self-sufficient strength, and had earned the trust of those around her.


At an early age, Maerys was accepted into Starfleet Academy, and she thrived under the pressure of the high paced environment. She dove into her studies in the sciences, yet felt a pull towards real world applications. It wasn’t long before she followed in the footsteps of her adoptive parents and began her pursuits of law enforcement degrees as well as her science regimen, which eventually evolved into her specialization in the forensic sciences.

As she grew older, the physical links to her Romulan heritage began to fade, leaving her browline far more Vulcan in appearance. This made it somewhat easier to fit in as she began her life in Starfleet Academy, though her behavior was just a bit off for a Vulcan, and she has more than a couple of reprimands from her...ahem...wild youth. Still, she managed to graduate at the top of her class, then continued for another year for specialized lab training, before actually being assigned to her first duty station.


Maerys has never married, though has had a number of relationships that never seem to last. Her work tends to take over and leave little time for amorous encounters. Some have joked that her work is her first, and only, love, but that’s a bit harsh. While she may look Vulcan, she does have passions, they just tend to be a secondary concern to her assigned duties.

Her career has been spotted by two court martials that saw her reduced in rank and re-assigned to different duty posts. While her behavior was considered to be out of line, they also saved numerous lives, which is the only reason that she was allowed to continue along in her Starfleet career.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - 2363 - 2368

2368 - 2373 - USS Trambol - Starfleet Security - During a mission on Falben 8, an M-Class planetoid, she disobeyed direct orders in order to save their small group, as well as an entire village of primitive people, when one of the criminals that they were chasing set off a device that churned a dormant volcano to life nearby.

-Court Martial - 2373 - Formal reprimand and rank reduced to Ensign. Special dispensation for multiple acts of Valor.

2373 - 2376 - USS Valiant - Starfleet Security, Forensic Laboratory Technician

2376 - 2381 - USS Randolin - Starfleet Security, Forensic Officer

2381 - 2386- USS Dillingham - Starfleet Security, Forensic Science Officer - During this assignment, earned Lieutenant Commander rank, only to lose it a few months later when chasing a serial killer on Starbase 483 along the Neutral Zone. Details classified.

-Court Martial - 2386 - Formal reprimand and rank reduced to Ensign. Special dispensation for acts of Valor.

2386 - 2393 - Starbase 243 - Assistant Chief Forensic Science Officer

2393 - Assigned to USS Artemis as Chief Forensic Science Officer

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Security Code VM Gamma 4109
Clearance Level 9

USS Artemis Logistics

Office Location Deck 8
Living Quarters Deck 5
MVAM Section Alpha