NCC - 81297

Lieutenant Celesia Rahn

Name Celesia "Skadi" Rahn

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 35
Date of Birth 05.12.2358.
Place of Birth Hockden 7, DMZ

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm
Weight 79kg
Hair Color current/natural – chocolate brown (changes depending on assignment)
Eye Color current/natural – green (changes depending on assignment)
Physical Description Rahn stands at the average height for a bajoran female. She sports a toned, well built physique which fits in well with her feminine attributes.

A set of ridges graces her nose, as is customary for a member of her species. Her hair colour and length aswell as her eye colour changes depending on assignment. Currently she wears her natural colours, chocolate brown shoulder length layered bob and green eyes.


Father Celesia Teeran - hover-vehicle mechanic, Hockden 7
Mother Celesia Baatrys - owner of 'Prophet's Hand' Pub, Hockden 7

Personality & Traits

General Overview Celesia is at her very core a calm, soft spoken, friendly individual who prefers being away from the spotlight and listening instead of speaking. She's also very adaptable and a good actress, which has come in handy over the course of her career, both in Federation Security and Starfleet Intelligence. She is privately also a very direct person and prefers the cold hard truth over sugarcoating.

She's well aware of the effect she has on people when they realize who and what she is and has come to terms with the inevitable shunning and loneliness that usually stems from her interactions. At times she finds it easier to play out her legend (cover story) and be one of the regular crew than be out in the open as an intelligence officer.

She is however loyal to the Federation and its tennets, aswell as her current crew/team. Rahn will however not let morality get in the way of her performing her duty, unless it grossly violates what she is fighting for. This make her a less than ideal 'yes-man' but rather an intelligent, calculating, insightful officer.

She tends to gesticulate with her hands when talking or explaining something which she tries very hard to keep under control when she's under cover.

Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong technical/engineering background, mainly communications, sensor operations and hacking/programming aswell as structural engineering
+ Excellent physical shape
+ Excellent actress
+ Good Analyst
+ Makes connections quickly
+ Qualified pilot

+/- highly driven and task focused

- often doesn't know how to relax (needs to be forced into it)
- can come off as aloof
- often appears standoffish due to her directness in conversation when not assignment oriented
- while her job often relies on theories, she prefers cold hard facts and evidence
- aside from basic First Aid and Anatomy, Rahn is very poor in the social, medical and physical/stellar sciences
- often suffers from insomnia
- when on ground missions, due to atmosphere changes, she experiences aches and diminished movement capability in her right (prosthetic) knee
Ambitions She would like to transfer to SFI Administration at some point and join the Internal Affairs division.
Hobbies & Interests Her hobbies and interests can be a matter of debate, as she takes up whatever she needs to take up to support her legend. She does like to read up on latest technical methods and starship construction manuals.

Languages spoken: Federation Standard/Bajoran (native level), Romulan (all three dialects), Cardassian, Klingon, Vulcan - fluent.

Personal History Rahn was born in 2357 to Baatrys and Teeran on Hockden 7. Her parents arrived to Hockden as refugees several years earlier seeking asylum. As such, she was born a Federation citizen, which afforded her good schooling and opportunities. She showed her technical inquisitive mind from the early age, especially in trying to find out why things failed and bad things happened.

Her planet had seen quite a few battles in orbit and in nearby systems during the Dominion War, housing refugees and offering aid to injured officers, which sparked her interest in investigation, especially accident investigation.

After basic education she attended the Zephram Cochrane Highschool, she applied for apprenticeship at Federation Security and was quickly accepted. She started in the CSI teams, working on accident investigations as an engineer and technitian for several years before being approached by Starfleet Intelligence.

***Start of classified section – Command Eyes Only***
They offered to sponsor her entry to Starfleet Academy on a fast track route due to her experience if she joined their ranks.
Having an opportunity to do good on multiple levels, access to information and technology not as readily available, Rahn accepted the offer and was put on a three year fast track lane through Starfleet Academy.

After graduation, she entered a six month cross training course to catch up on Intelligence methods and protocols before being put in a field team in the Romulan Section of Starfleet Intelligence. In later years she would remember this time fondly as the most exciting days of her career, especially getting a chance to look at Romulan Systems and trying to hack their communications. She had a short romantic interlude with one of the fellow members of the team, but it never got serious.

Five years later she was rotated to the Cardassian Section to serve as handler for foreign power based operatives. She found then that she preferred working with facts and evidence than people, however she'd never let it show, but she would often feel tired and drained. She steered clear of personal relationships during this time due to a great need to be alone when not dealing with her assets.

Her next rotation, in 2393 took her to the seat of Chief of Station – USS Artemis (Chief Intelligence Officer by regular Starfleet designation). Celesia wasn't too happy initially about this assignment as working with regulars on this level was usually rather taxing, considering the reputation of Intelligence officers. But with her drive and determination, Rahn forges her own path, despite the obstacles. Considering the nature of the Artemis' operations however, she's hopeful this tour will turn out well.
***End of Classfied Section***
Service Record 2375 – 2378 – Federation Security – Accident Investigations Division – Engineer/Technitian

2378 – 2381 – Starfleet Academy fast track – Engineering/Operations training

***Classfied – Command Eyes Only***
2381 – 2381 – Intelligence Cross Training
2381 – 2386 – Romulan Section, SFI, Field Team Technitian
2386 – 2393 – Cardassian Section, SFI, Handler
***End of Classfied Section***

2393 – pres. – Chief of Station, USS Artemis

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Security Code CR Alpha 5808
Clearance Level 8

USS Artemis Logistics