NCC - 81297

Captain Matthew Jameson

Name Matthew Jameson

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Date of Birth 12/11/2358
Place of Birth Manchester, England

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft10
Weight 154lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Matthew is approx 5ft10, slim but muscular, with short brown hair and green eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Brian
Mother Karen
Brother(s) Alex Jameson
Sister(s) Mary Frances
Other Family Maternal Uncle: Richard Westcross
Paternal Uncle: William DeCaux
Maternal Aunt: Maili McQuaid
Paternal Aunt: Emily Holden
Cousins etc.: Martin and Kelly Baker (with child Bella), Kathryn Mercer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Matthew has an amicable personality, and will generally get along with most people. He will also try to lead his team to the best of his ability, and will protect his crew with all of his being. He is cool under pressure, but can be sometimes be prone to sharp, short outbursts which he later regrets.
Strengths & Weaknesses Matt can analyse situations quickly and easily, and can take criticism well, acting upon any and all feedback from his colleagues and ensuring that everyone is well looked after.

Matt can sometimes neglect himself, and, sometimes, prefers to spend time in his own company to time with others. He can a be prone to short, sharp outbursts however these are few and far between.
Ambitions Matt one day wishes to have his own command and crew and lead them into exploration of the farthest parts of the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Matt loves Tai Chi, Yoga and Ancient Oriental Religious practises and thus spends some of this free time practising them. He enjoys holonovels as well as walks on the holodeck, but he also does enjoy spending time with his colleagues in the mess, talking, catching up and getting to know whom he is working with,

Personal History Matt was brought up in a rural town outside of Manchester, England by his parents Brian and Karen, with his younger siblings Alex and Mary, whom he loves dearly.

His sister moved to Indiana at the age of 18 (when he was 22 and just before his graduation from the Academy) to be closer to her husband, and to have her first child, Silas.

From a young age Matt always wanted to work for Starfleet, and further the knowledge of the Federation in anyway he can, his family, however, did want him to go into danger. At the age of 18 he went straight into the academy in San Francisco, and graduated with honours. He had few friends in the Academy, instead he focussed on his training to be the best officer he could be.

Matt has only ever truly loved one person, and, sadly, the relationship ended after only 6 years, due to personality changes, they just weren't compatible anymore. They slowly grew apart. He took this hard at first and took an extended leave of abscence to be able to get his mental health in order first, but later rejoined Starfleet and decided he wanted to pass the Bridge Officer's Test so he could command his own vessel one day.

After graduation Matt took an extended medical program and Xenobiology to be able to serve as effectively as possible in a sickbay, and has achieved that by serving on the USS Nova as the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, and, sadly, when the CMO was killed in combat, was promoted to the CMO Posistion of the same ship.

Matt dealt with the death of his superior by withdrawing slightly into his own world to deal with his grief, and was support by the ship's counsellor, John Alfwynn, who supported him throughout the grieving period, which he finally came out of a few years ago, and he decided he wanted to go into command, as he learnt a lot of new coping mechanisms.
Service Record 2376: Joined Starfleet Academy
2380: Graduated Starfleet Academy
2381: Completed Extended Medical Program
2382: Assigned as Junior Doctor, USS Nevada, rank of Ensign.
2385: Promotion to Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
2386: Assigned to the USS Dante as Doctor
2388: Assigned as Deputy CMO USS Nova, rank of Lieutenant
2391: Extended Leave of Absence
2392: Took bridge officers test and passed
2393: Assigned to USS Artemis, Executive Officer, rank of Lieutenant Commander
2393: Promotion to rank of Commander
2394: Promotion to rank of Captain, and to Commanding Officer

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Security Code JM Alpha 5809
Clearance Level 10

USS Artemis Logistics

Office Location Deck 2
Living Quarters Deck 2
MVAM Section Alpha


Ship Certifications Command Certification

Bridge Certification
- Basic Communications Certification
- Basic Security Certification
- Basic Tactical Certification
- Basic Ship Operations
- Basic Helm Certification
Science Certifications Advanced Medical Certification
- Triage
- Medications
- Xenobiology
- Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology
Degree Focus: Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology

Advanced Surgical Certification
- Trauma Surgery
- Xeno Surery

Basic Science Certification

Basic Counselling Skills
- Grief Counselling
- Person Centered Talking Therapies (Many modalities)
- Hypnotherapy
- Psychotherapy
Combat Certifications Basic Weapons Certification
Basic Phaser Certification
Basic Ship-to-Ship Combat
Tai Chi Chuan


Personal Skills Fluet in Federation Standard