NCC - 81297

Commodore Sengar Anjohl

Name Sengar Anjohl

Position Admiral of Starbase 642

Rank Commodore


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 37
Date of Birth February 20, 2354
Place of Birth Eastern Province, Bajor

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Anjohl stands at 6’ 3", has broad shoulders and a thick chest from working out. He has a friendly round face, piercing dark brown eyes, brown hair, and Bajoran nose ridges. He generally has a short beard, but sometimes goes clean shaven on his square jaw.

His off-duty wear is a v-neck t-shirt and dark blue jeans with tennis shoes.


Spouse Sengar Linata
Children Sengar Zardan - 12
Sengar Quina - 7
Father Sengar Zardan
Mother Sengar Jana
Brother(s) Sengar Koalm
Sister(s) Sengar Mira

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anjohl is a tall, well built man in his mid 30's. He loves to swim and scuba dive. He works out 3-4 times a week to keep his muscular build. He is a kind man, he cares for others. He's not afraid to get rough with people who threaten the people he cares about.

Off-duty he generally wears shorts and a tee-shirt or tank-top. He loves to take his wife out on dates on the holodeck, or with his kids take them somewhere fun, like the beach or an amusement park.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Keeps busy with tasks
+ takes orders well
+ Strong headed
+ Physically strong

- He tends to spend along time looking into things
- Has a hard time making decisions.
- Tends to "Leap before thinking"
- Tends to be lazy when woken up suddenly.

Personal History ::Childhood::
Anjohl was born on Bajor to his parents, Zardan and Jana Sengar. He grew up with his older sister, Myra, and his younger brother, Koalm. He was born during the Cardassian occupation.

::Teenage years::
During his teenage years he worked with his parents in the Bajoran resistance. But he always thought it would the coolest thing to be able to go to other worlds and study them. He was 15 when Starfleet came and liberated Bajor and set up DS9 in orbit. Since then he was intrigued with Starfleet. He decided that he wanted to go into Starfleet and help save other worlds. He studied as hard as he could from the time he was 16 all the way till he was 18 in the hope that he might be able to get in Starfleet Academy. He applied at 17 in hope that he would be able to jump right in. He didn’t hear anything for almost a year. Then shortly after his 18th birthday he got a letter from them saying that he was accepted and he would start immediately. Anjohl packed up and moved to San Francisco, California, USA, Earth and started the Academy.

Anjohl worked hard in the Academy to make sure that he was able to get good recommendations so that he could get a good posting. He was on the honors group in the Starfleet Academy. In his junior year he was able to get a training tour on the USS Fredrickson, an Excelsior Class Starship. During the tour, there was unexpected trouble and when they were undercover on a trading station a fight broke out and he got a shard of metal across his face and was knocked unconscious. He was taken directly to the shuttle and met the Fredrickson and got him into emergency surgery. After the surgery the doctor told him that they were able to get all of the metal out and that he would be back on his feet in a few weeks. The one downfall is that they were not able to remove the scar, even with a dermal regenerator because of the area that they cut was located. It took a while but Anjohl finally got used to it. During his weeks in sickbay he met another cadet that was an intern nurse that was helping take care of him, her name was Linata. He took her out and they got together.

When the Fredrickson got back to Earth, Anjohl continued his studies. Everyone at the Academy loved his scar and thought that it really brought out his inner “beast” He finished his junior and senior years at the Academy and prepared for a new adventure in his life. So he decided to minor in Tactical and Security so that he could better defend himself if the situation arose again. There was one last thing that he did have to do. He approached Linata and proposed to her right in the middle of the Academy. She said yes and they got married a couple months later.

Anjohl and Linata moved to the USS Midway and started their new life together. Anjohl worked as an Strategic Operations Officer and doubled as a Tactical Chief with the rank of Ensign. He was good at his job and excelled through the ranks quickly. He was promoted to Lieutenant JG after 3 years of service there on the Midway.

On his 3rd year of service he was undercover on a Romulan colony when he got a call that the Midway had been discovered and they needed to have an immediate evac. He returned to the extraction point, but nothing happened. He tried calling the ship and nothing came. So after a couple hours of waiting him and the rest of the team went back into town. About 3 months later a team came and evacuated them. They told them that the Midway was destroyed, but most of the crew survived. As soon as he got on the ship he used his access to see the list of survivors. He was happy when he saw Linata’s name list as minor injuries. He arrived at Earth they were reunited.

The first thing he noticed was that there was a bump in her stomach. He embraced her and he burst into tears. She was 3 ½ months pregnant and they were excited. After a couple months of debriefing he was reassigned to the USS Fredrickson, his first posting as a cadet. He was promoted to Lieutenant and to the position of Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer.

His first son was born there on the Fredrickson. They named him Zardan after Anjohl’s father. Anjohl worked as the Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer on the Fredrickson for 2 years. He was then promoted to Chief Strategic Operations Officer after the last one left to take a command. About 2 years into the job he was ordered to plan a research assignment to a planet made out of all water. He planned it and sent his team. He was part of it. He and the team researched a lot of different interesting things from the planet. They discovered a satellite that had Cardassian information, saying that they had a Starfleet Officer that had information that they needed to get from him, and they had orders to use any means necessary to get it. They took it to Starfleet and they decided to go to Cardassia and rescue the officer. Anjohl was assigned to go since he had a lot of experience with languages and he had some experience with undercover work. They went in as a group of Cardassian mercenaries. They were going in to retrieve a Starfleet Officer that had been living with the Cardassians that his mindset was starting to think more and more that he was a Cardassian. The op lasted for a good 4 months while they tried to locate him. They found him and took him home. It was one of his biggest ops that he planned.

A year after the op Anjohl and Linata had their second child, a girl, Quina. Anjohl served as the Chief Strategic Operations Officer on the Fredrickson for 4 years. 1 year later he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and he transferred to the USS Maine as the Executive Officer. He served there for 5 years. After he was done serving there he transferred to the USS Artemis as the Commanding Officer. He was excited to start this new time in his life.
Service Record 2372: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2374: USS Fredrickson - Cadet
2376: Graduated Starfleet Academy
2376: USS Midway - Ensign - Tactical Officer
2378: USS Midway - Lieutenant JG - Tactical Officer/Strategic Operations Officer
2381: USS Fredrickson - Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
2384: USS Fredrickson -Lieutenant - Chief Strategic Operations Officer
2388: USS Maine - Lieutenant Commander - Executive Officer
2393: USS Artemis - Commander - Commanding Officer
2393: USS Artemis - Captain - Commanding Officer

USS Artemis ID

USS Artemis Security Code SA Alpha 5410
Clearance Level 10

USS Artemis Logistics

Office Location Deck 1 - Captain's Ready Room
Living Quarters Deck 2 - Captain's Quarters
MVAM Section Alpha


Ship Certifications Command Certification (Level 3)
Advanced Strategic Operations (Level 3)
Advanced Tactical Systems (Level 2)
Advanced Intelligence Certification (Level 1)
Advanced Flight Operations (Level 1)
Basic Engineering Operations (Level 2)
Basic Ship Operations (Level 2)
Science Certifications Basic Forensic Science (Level 3)
Basic Combat Medic (level 2)

Combat Certifications Advanced Weapons Training (Various) (Level 3)
Advanced Phaser Training (Level 3)
Advanced Ship-to-Ship Combat (Level 3)

Advanced Human Martial Arts (Level 1)
-Tai Chi
-Kung Fu
Basic Klingon Martial Arts (Level 2)


Personal Skills Fluent in Federation Standard, Bajoran, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Vulcan, Ferengi, Andorian, Orion, Bolian, Trill, and Betazoid.