NCC - 81297
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First Mission

Posted on Thu May 26th, 2016 @ 12:13pm by Commodore Sengar Anjohl

As you guys will probably notice soon, the first mission is active! All coming aboard/reporting in posts will be under Episode 0. I am going to do a post over the next day or so, getting our first mission, then I will hold a senior staff briefing. Then we will get under way!

I know I said that I want all reporting in posts done by the 28th, but with all the new crew that just came on. I will give us a week from today. So June 2nd. We will be moving on with our first mission regardless of the current posts going.

Also welcome aboard to.....

Lieutenant Derek Smoke - Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Lieutenant Kurn Derling, son of Charg - Chief Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG Maerys Vandi - Chief Forensic Science Officer
Lieutenant JG Larena Kendricks - Assistant Chief Investigations Officer

Welcome aboard!


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