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New Cadet Opportunity

Posted on Sat Aug 5th, 2017 @ 12:29pm by Commodore Sengar Anjohl

Hey guys! So Alf and I have talked about something new for the sim. It is an opportunity for us and for potential players. I have created Cadet positions on the manifest in each department. So before this goes public, I wanted to offer it to you guys first. Everyone is getting 1 Cadet PC spot. I want the cadets to PCs for now, so on top of your 2 PCs you can have 1 cadet. I ask that you don't create one in your department, but a different one. There are 2 cadets per department, save medical, which has 2 doctor and 2 nurse cadets.

There are some restrictions....

Flight control, Ops, sec/tac, engineering, science, med, and counseling will be available to any cadet

Investigations, strat ops, negotiations, forensics, swat, intel will only be available to 3rd and 4th years as those are specialties

1st years can be anywhere in that range, 2nd years 19+, 3rd years, 20+, and 4th 21+

But if someone wants an older cadet I am open the possibility, just has to supply a reason. :)

Matt(Alf) will be the one who is responsible for the cadets IC. Kind of like the Academy's eyes and ears

The cadets won't be on board until season 2, so you have time to decide if you want to play one. If you do message me privately a quick bio, including cadet year, or just which one you're interested in.

This is not going to the public until we are almost ready to start season 2, so you guys have first dibs.

A little background on why we are receiving cadets…

Starfleet Academy starts a new program, where any cadet applies for it. They are assigned to a ship, in which they can earn Academy credits in the field. They have to show exceptional skills and willingness to learn and obey. Hundreds of cadets are picked and assigned to different ships. First year cadets have the chance to complete all four years of their Academy aboard a ship, if they show a willingness to do so. I will send more details closer to September 1st, about how we are going to introduce them.

So for now, please PM me on the site, or on Hangouts, if you want me to hold one, or if you have any questions!


John/Captain Sengar Anohl


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