NCC - 81297


General Rules
All players are required to be respectful of the Chain of Command and each other.
This sim is a 16+ sim. You must be 16 years old or older in order to play.
Minimum rank for Senior Staff is Lieutenant JG
All characters require at least 1 photo.
All players can have a maximum of two (2) playable characters (PC’s) and five (5) non-playable characters (NPC’s)

PC’s and NPC’s
All players can have two PC’s at any one time.
If one PC is a Departmental Head (i.e. CSTO) then the second CANNOT be another departmental head, they MUST be a junior officer.
Both PCs must be active and follow the same rules, as if they were separate players.
2nd Playing Characters need to have a basic bio. Including: Gender, species, Age, date of birth, Place of Birth, Height, Weight, eye color, hair color, family, short general overview, short strength and weaknesses, short history, and short service record.
All NPCs are required to have gender, species, age, date of birth, height, weight, hair color, eye color, family.
Players can have up to five (5) NPCs which must all be junior officers or below.
NPC’s have no time restraint in logging in and tags.
ALL ranks must be approved by the CO, XO, or 2XO.
All players must ask permission from the NPC creator before speaking for them/acting on their behalf/etc.

No one line tags will be permitted. There has to be something to build off of for the next person to respond.
All subplots must be cleared by the Command team before you start them. Most will be accepted unless it takes away too much from the current mission.
All posts must include timeline and location.
All backposts must be marked as such in the title with *BACKPOST*

You must log in least once a week, (unless otherwise stated by the command team)
You must respond to tags within 3 days from the time it is saved. (If you’ve not responded in that time, you have accepted the fact you will be poked by the command team)
If you have not responded to any tags within two weeks, you will be automatically moved to a Leave of Absence (LOA). After three weeks of no response you will be moved to Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA). After four weeks of no response, we will, sadly, have to reconsider your position onboard this ship. If within that period you send a message to the command team then we will accommodate you to the fullest.

Simple, 3 Warnings and you are out.
Break any of the rules you will get a Warnings.
Warnings will fall off after 3 months of receiving no Warnings.

General Orders
In all scenario’s, we will endeavour to follow all Starfleet General Orders wherein as much as possible.

All characters must be original and have a full biography created by their players. They must not copy canon Star Trek characters (Kirk, Spock, Picard etc.). It is for the Commanding Team to determine the final acceptability of any character information. Characters are the property of the players creating them and may not be used without their consent save for moving the plot on in a minor and acceptable manner.

It is for the Commanding Officer to determine promotions/demotions and appointments at their discretion. Promotions are based largely on posting quality and quantity and any other help given with the sim. Players may suggest promotions to the Command Team.

It is the COs sole right to start or end a mission. You should not interfere substantially with the storyline such as finishing the mission early.

Please keep your posts realistic.

The USS Artemis reserves the absolute right to remove any player who is deemed to constitute a risk to the safe gaming environment.

Out Of Character Rules
We are all people, with individual ways of life and beliefs and actions and we shall respect everyone for that whether or not we agree with it. You are under no obligation whatsoever to partake in the OOC Google Hangouts chat, however if you do so, you must respect everyone else’s opinion even if it disagrees with your own.

We encourage debate and discussion within our group, and we enjoy it, but please be mindful of how your words may affect others.

Prime Directive
Let’s enjoy ourselves and have fun.