NCC - 81297

Welcome to the USS Artemis!

~Rear Admiral Tireem Joram walked into the operations center of Starbase 642. He was carrying a mug of steaming hot coffee that his wife had just made for him. An officer handed the Betazoid a PADD, he took a sip of his coffee as his deep black eyes scanned the data on the page. He moved to the center ops were the station’s Executive Officer was standing.

“Admiral. We weren’t expecting you for another hour.” The woman said with a surprised, but happy look, “Everything is running normally, ship traffic…” she handed him the manifest, “We had the CoE drop off a new Prometheus class. Brand spanking new.” she said as she put it on the view screen. The Prometheus class almost sparkled as it sat there in the spacedock. “We are loading her now. Her crew is still on their way, but we have enough staff to keep her in drydock.”

Tireem smiled, “Good. She is a beautiful ship.” he said looking at the ship. Starbase 642 was an Stardock Class Starbase, that orbited the planet Irotia XI. She was a staging point for Starships that were going into deep space towards the the outer regions of the Beta Quadrant, or just ships that were in the area. “What is her focus? The Prometheus classes aren’t known for exploration.”

“She is a Criminal Investigations ship. One of the few. There are a lot of dangerous criminals out there and Starfleet doesn’t want them out there. The Federation is working with other factions to get this ship the clearance to cross borders in pursuit of criminals that have done wrong to the Federations. They are hand picking the crew as we speak. Captain Sengar is on his way to the station on the USS Derecho.” Handing the Rear Admiral a PaDD the Bolian woman kept briefing him, “We are to be the homebase for her.”

“What is her name?”

“The USS Artemis.”"


Welcome to the USS Artemis! We are a crew of specialists, serving aboard a ship that is specifically designed and designated to hunt down the dangerous criminals of the galaxy, and bring down their nefarious plans and ambitions. Our mission is to uphold the highest standards of law, in order to maintain peace in Federation held space.

CAPT Sengar Anjohl
Commanding Officer

CMR Matthew Jameson
Executive Officer

LTCMR Maerys Vandi
Executive Officer
Chief Forensic Science Officer

The USS Artemis is at:

En route to Battle

Current Mission

Season 2
Episode 1
"A Traitor Among Us"
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The USS Artemis is rated 16+